The hike of my life

Okay so enough of my whingeing about the hike on Sunday (though really, I have so much more whingeing left in me – honest). It really was overall just a beautiful weekend. We left early on Saturday morning and took a nice leisurely drive down through Victor Harbour, ending up in Deep Creek Conservation park

Camping is great

So here I am sitting down near Cape Jervis at our lovely camp spot and I believe I could stay here forever. We’ve got the tent set up, got the camp chairs out and we’re about to have some dinner. Yes I am in heaven. No writing has happened and I’m completely fine with that.

Facebook woes

So when does something that you might randomly put up on Facebook become fodder for people to gossip about, or to spread rumours about? Don’t you hate it when people read something on your Facebook status and decide that because you put it up there, they are free to tell everyone about it? So that