No more smoking

On Monday I quit smoking.  On Tuesday I got sick.  Went out and got myself a lovely chest infection (or as the doctor put it – upper respiratory tract infection – why do they always say it the hard way instead of in laymans terms we would all understand??).  So my first week of no

Friends leaving

Mr Muscles left for the UK yesterday.  He’s gone over there to marry Miss English.  I miss him. I could leave that post there, but that’d be a waste of a post.  But really, it’s the truth.  I miss him.  I didn’t really spend that much time with him, I spent more time with Miss English while she

The Pit

What do you affectionately refer to your workplace as?  I refer to my workplace as “The Pit”.  It wasn’t actually me who coined the phrase, it was M.  I don’t think either of us particularly hate the place – well I know I don’t hate it hate it, but it probably isn’t the place I

Weigh to go!

Well I have sat down and tried to calculate how much weight I should (want to) lose – to be in the healthy weight range of course).  So.  I have to lose at least 30kg.  That’s a hell of a lot.  I actually suggested to Miss Moody that I should lose 35 – 40kg, but

Anything I would do?

Yesterday I met with my personal trainer for the first time.  Tammy.  She’s very… what’s the word…. Perky!  Yes she is very perky.  Don’t get me wrong, she’s lovely.  Skinny and very nice.  But maybe not quite pushy enough for me.  I think I might need someone a little pushier.  Of course this was just

Me? Fit? Errr… No

Well I have been going to the gym for a week now. And can I just say, that it’s not fun and I don’t want to play anymore. Actually that’s a lie. It was never fun and I never really wanted to play. But I still don’t want to play anymore. Going to the gym

To the gym I go…

I have always been overweight.  Or fat.  Such an ugly word that is, but yes, that is me. Fat!!!!! I have always been fat!  Ever since I can remember.  I’m not one of these people who one day woke up from being a skinny girl to thinking “Shit I’ve gotten fat”.  Nope I’ve always been

Go geek girls

I was reading an artical on Ninemsn about a group of femal IT Professionals who have banded together to produce a calendar of themselves dressed as old and new movie godesses.  The reason these IT Goddesses are doing this is to raise awareness of females in the IT industry. As a lecturer at college who