12WBT day eight – In pain and not happy

Today was a crap day. Wisdom tooth is giving me absolute grief today and there is just no care factor. Not a great way to spend the day before weigh in. But there you have it. Went to work, came home, did dinner and now I’m going to bed. No exercise. Am so NOT looking forward to weigh in tomorrow. Stats for the (miserable) day below:

FoodCalories in
B2 Wholemeal muffins with 2t WW margarine & 2t Vegemite344
S1 small mandarine28
LNat’s Lasagna and 1 medium apple393
S1 Strawberry Forme satisfy yoghurt85
DSteamed fish with Asian vegetables plus 1/2 cup extra rice375

ExerciseCalories out

No exercise today0
Calories surplus/defecit-638

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