A life other than dieting

Today’s daily food intake…

Quite obviously a lot of my time lately has been taken up with the 12WBT and eating healthy and exercising and that’s all I’ve really talked about. Well that’s really all that has been part of my life lately – or feels as if it has. I feel as if my life has literally revolved around menu planning, counting calories, exercising and counting calories burnt because that is all I have done. I go to work, and I think about food, what I’m going to eat for dinner and how many calories would be in that. I come home, and I exercise, then at night, I blog about my food and exercise. *sigh*

Today I took a break from it all and caught up with the super fantastic Mrs KW, who I haven’t seen since before Christmas. She is like the sister I left behind in Adelaide and when we get together, it always ends up being a long catch up session. When she sent me a text the other day asking if we could catch up for lunch on Friday, I mentioned that I only get an hour lunch break, would that really be enough? We both decided it wouldn’t, so we made plans for today.

It was awesome! We went out to visit Tumby Bay (a little town about half hour from Port Lincoln), visited a craft store, and I managed to stock up on some fabric, had a nice long lunch (salt and pepper squid – healthy or not? I thought it was, now I’m not so sure…) and ended up back at my place having more coffee and long, long talks. Best day I’ve had in quite a while. The fabric I’ve bought I’m planning on making a baby quilt out of for a very dear friend in England who had a baby at the beginning of the year – which I’m hoping I can manage to make in between exercising and all that.

I’ve decided I need to try and find a bit more of a balance in my life. I’m going to totally burn myself out soon if all I do is work and exercise. I need a bit of fun and enjoyment in my life again – exercise to me isn’t fun, it’s work. Quilting however, is lots of fun. So I’m going to do me a little bit of quilting in between my eating and exercising. Starting tomorrow. After I’ve exercised (because with all the catching up I did today, there wasn’t any exercise *sigh*)

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