About Me

Want to know what you are? Send an email to your friends and ask them to send you back just one word describing you. It’s interesting to see just what others think of you.


The Basics

  • Name: Tina
    1. Meaning 1: “Little heavy but pretty
    2. Meaning 2: Old English, Hindu origin meaning “river
    3. Meaning 3: Latin descent meaning “Little One
  • Birthdate: 20th February 1976
  • Birthplace: Modbury, South Australia
  • Current Location: Adelaide, South Australia
  • Pets: 4 fish who don’t have names and the best cat in the world – Maximus Catticus


Little Bits

  • I have 4 sisters, two older, two younger.
  • I love the English, especially Englishmen
  • I hate people bitching to me about others, but I love a good bitch myself.
  • I am madly in love with a great guy
  • I drink way too much. I hardly ever drink.
  • I smoke way too much. I quit smoking.
  • I eat way too much.
  • I don’t exercise enough.
  • I always thought I wanted kids, now I’m not so sure. I really want kids now.
  • I’m a hoarder.
  • I collect things. Then get bored with them, but won’t throw them out.
  • I have way too much stuff and should get rid of it all.
  • I have been creating websites since 1998, and I still love it.