I’ve had a little time to contemplate my life, the universe and the meaning of live over the last couple of days. Okay so I might not have done much contemplating of the universe or working out what the meaning of life is, but I did get to thinking about my life and 12WBT and

Cold and fluey

Today I was supposed to get back on track with my exercising and get up early and go for a run. I remembered to set my alarm last night and I attempted to have an early night. But that’s about as far as I got with my early morning run. The alarm went off this

Hurting bad

Today’s daily food intake… Weigh in day – yesterday (oops) Previous weight: 103.4kg. Today’s weight: 102.6kg. 0.8kg loss Today was not my day! Finally, finally after so many times trying I got up at 6.20am ready and energised from yesterday to do my shuffle in the morning. Got myself dressed and out the door, ready