Family shamily

I don’t know what to say tonight. I was having such a good day today until I got a message from a cousin overseas – one who I have never met, telling me that I shall not defame my stepfather, that he’d written to her about it. It came totally out of the blue and

Happy birthday to me

Today’s daily food intake… Just a quick post because it’s my birthday today and I’m still celebrating (read that as I’m sitting on the couch with Mick spending good, quality time together). Have had a super lovely day and had some super lovely food and went way over my calorie limit – with dinner alone

Happy Valentines Day

Well everyone I leave you with a short post tonight to say that I hope you all have a lovely Valentines Day. I am going to have a lovely meal with my other half and spend some good quality time with him tonight, which sadly doesn’t include blogging. Till tomorrow.

Relaxing times

Todays daily food intake… So what have I been up to in the last few days? Well on Thursday (Australia Day here in umm Australia…) Mick and I ventured into the National Park to climb Stamford Hill to see the Matthew Flinders Monument. When I looked at it I thought “hell no” that’s way too

Best laid plans

Today’s daily food intake… I had all the best intentions of the world in getting up early this morning to go for a walk/run/jog/shuffle and start the C25K app that I download, oh about a million years ago and which has been sitting on my phone doing, well, nothing. However, to actually wake up early,

2012 Resolutions

So as I do every year, I have sat down and come up with my list of resolutions. It is not a great long list this year, because I didn’t do so well on last years list, so let’s first re-cap on the 2011 list: Tell Mick that I love him more often. Check. This