Interrupted sleep

Last week I got a text from Mr Dickhead letting me know that he had joined the 21st century and had finally gotten an email address.  Okay fair enough, keeping in touch with him via email is going to be a lot cheaper than texting him (though texting between us is a rarity now), so

Muscle mania

I have muscles! Stop the presses – Tina has muscles. Okay so big deal you’re all thinking right? Well for me this is a big deal – HUGE deal – MEGA HUGE deal. In all my 30 years I have never ever ever had muscle defnition. It was always hidden under layers of fat. Oh


Well I have been slack again.  I have been going to the gym.  No more copping out and having coffee instead, no I have been dilligently going along. BUT  I haven’t really been eating very well.  I keep meaning to, but then I think of something yummy to eat and well I eat it.  So to

No more smoking

On Monday I quit smoking.  On Tuesday I got sick.  Went out and got myself a lovely chest infection (or as the doctor put it – upper respiratory tract infection – why do they always say it the hard way instead of in laymans terms we would all understand??).  So my first week of no