Friends leaving

Mr Muscles left for the UK yesterday.  He’s gone over there to marry Miss English.  I miss him. I could leave that post there, but that’d be a waste of a post.  But really, it’s the truth.  I miss him.  I didn’t really spend that much time with him, I spent more time with Miss English while she

The Pit

What do you affectionately refer to your workplace as?  I refer to my workplace as “The Pit”.  It wasn’t actually me who coined the phrase, it was M.  I don’t think either of us particularly hate the place – well I know I don’t hate it hate it, but it probably isn’t the place I

Weigh to go!

Well I have sat down and tried to calculate how much weight I should (want to) lose – to be in the healthy weight range of course).  So.  I have to lose at least 30kg.  That’s a hell of a lot.  I actually suggested to Miss Moody that I should lose 35 – 40kg, but

Go geek girls

I was reading an artical on Ninemsn about a group of femal IT Professionals who have banded together to produce a calendar of themselves dressed as old and new movie godesses.  The reason these IT Goddesses are doing this is to raise awareness of females in the IT industry. As a lecturer at college who

Bad Dreams

Do you ever have really bad dreams that wake you up in the middle of the night?  Screaming? Crying? Shaking? Fighting? I don’t normally have bad dreams.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m a dreamer, when I’m awake, I dream, when I sleep – I dream.  And I usually dream in colour.  But I don’t very