A royal wedding

When I woke up this morning and put on the news, without the sound, I thought there was something wrong with the monarchy for a moment *shock* *horror* *gasp*. But no, it was just constant news about the fact, that after many many years William had finally proposed to Kate. I admit, I got a

Mixed emotions

Yesterday a very dear friend told me that she was pregnant. Momentous news that usually brings happiness and goodwill to people, and congratulations all around and the exciting prospect of that new baby smell and warmth and general feelings of gladness and goodness. I’m no exception. I felt all those things when she told me

Ba Humbug!

Rant ahead….. I know that this is the season to be jolly and show goodwill to men and all that but seriously, can I skip Xmas this year?  I had to do my Xmas shopping on Saturday.  And I seriously saw none of that joy and goodwill to all men happening, and yes unfortunately I