Muscle mania

I have muscles! Stop the presses – Tina has muscles.
Okay so big deal you’re all thinking right? Well for me this is a big deal – HUGE deal – MEGA HUGE deal. In all my 30 years I have never ever ever had muscle defnition. It was always hidden under layers of fat. Oh yes, don’t worry, I’m not so far advanced that the layers of fat are gone, but hey, I can actually move my arms and see the muscle beneath moving.

I was talking to Mega M yesterday at work, and we were talking about muscles and I offhandedly said that I have a little muscle now, so she got me to flex my arms and okay even I was a little surprised at just how much I actually had. I should probably point out that it’s not bulging or anything, but THEY’RE THERE!!!!

So having seen that has just given me so much more motivation to keep going to the gym, because at last I can see some form of results. I’m the sort of person who can have someone very obviously losing weight stand in front of me and I can’t tell. It’s not that I don’t want to tell, I’m just never able to. And on myself that goes double. Miss Moody keeps telling me that she can see differences, but I just couldn’t. But now I can and it’s great!

My mum was talking to me last night and she said (and my mum isn’t the biggest complimenter in the world – bless her) that she can notice that I’ve been going to the gym. As she put this (and this goes into my forever favourite quotes) “Your bum used to go this way and that when you walked, and now it doesn’t quite do that as much”… Gotta love a mum who tells it like it is. So that’s it for me today, off to the gym (for the second time today UGH) to see Miss Perky and see what evil she has in store for me.

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