Happy birthday to me

Today’s daily food intake…

Just a quick post because it’s my birthday today and I’m still celebrating (read that as I’m sitting on the couch with Mick spending good, quality time together).

Have had a super lovely day and had some super lovely food and went way over my calorie limit – with dinner alone – but every single bite has been worth it.

I know I should be sitting here saying that I ate super clean and healthy, but I’m of the opinion that I have one birthday a year and I should be allowed to let loose a little. So I ate really well all day – healthy breakfast and lunch, only had a wee tiny little slice of the birthday cake that work bought me (and I mean, really small slice – it all fit in my mouth in one go, but I made it last two bites lol), and let loose a little with dinner – grilled rump steak, with chips and mushroom gravy (that’s where the calories came in) and then a wee little lemon cupcake birthday cake.

I loved every single mouthful and am happy that I didn’t say no, I can only eat grilled fish at this restaurant. And I will work hard tomorrow to make up for the food I ate tonight.

With that said, I’m back to my mooching on the couch with Mick. More tomorrow.