Let the Christmas celebrations begin

Why does Christmas have to include masses of food celebrations. I mean really, aside from the gift giving aspect of Christmas, the only other thing I can really see happening is eating – eating lots and lots of food (of course, this eating is normally done with loved ones, but it’s still all about the food). Now I know I’m sounding a bit like the Grinch at the moment, and also sound like I’m complaining, but as someone who is trying to lose weight, I am already struggling – and it’s not even really Christmas yet!

I go to the shops and everywhere I look there is candy, biscuits, cakes, puddings, chocolate, rich deserts, dripping roasts and my favourite – mince pies! And I’m frustrated, because I just want to buy them all up and sit down at a table gobbling everything in sight, but I know that I can’t. So I’m getting frustrated, angry and just a little resentful, which really is not putting me in the Christmas spirit at all. I know that there would be people out there saying, well just buy one mince pie and eat that, make sure you count it into your daily calories, and work it off. To those people I say, I wish I could. But really, my self control is almost non-existant (otherwise I probably wouldn’t find myself 40kg overweight now would I?) I honestly feel like I can’t tempt myself, because I will cave in. Which just brings on that angry frustration again.

Last night we had my work Christmas dinner to attend. It was all planned weeks ago, before I had even contemplated doing 12WBT over the Christmas period, while I was stil quite content to blithely shove food into my mouth while trying to secretly convince myself that I wasn’t gaining weight and that it wouldn’t creep up on me and that I wouldn’t pay for it later (pfftttt, paying now I can tell you!). We had organised to go to a local winery who were putting on dinners where you could select from a few things on the menu and voila – instant fancy dinner. In the end we probably didn’t choose too badly and thankfully going to a winery, they don’t exactly serve up massive serving sizes, but let me tell you that I would definitely have gone over my calories yesterday.

I spent all day thinking and obsessing about food. Minimising my food intake – small fruity breakfast, little leftover serve for lunch, a snack of celery in the afternoon (with a smidge of cream cheese on it) and masses of water, all to compensate for this dinner last night. By the time we got there I was ravenous. But a funny thing happened – I didn’t gorge myself like I normally would have. As they brought out dish after dish (we had six dishes on the menu), I ate from each of the small serves very slowly. I didn’t take any of the extras that were offered to me (though I admit, I ate my bread roll – I was THAT hungry) and I had one alcoholic drink all night. I felt in control and very well full and satisfied when it was all over. So well satisfied in fact that I turned away from the chocolates that were on offer (OMG lush looking truffles too, that’s how serious I was, I turned down truffles) and I said no to dessert.

I did well – at least I think I did well, and I know I did well considering what the old me would have done. I didn’t lack for food, it was all excruciatingly delicious, I had great company while I was eating and I even allowed myself one alcoholic drink. So why do I feel like I was still missing out? On the one hand, something must be sinking into this brain of mine about eating properly and moderation and portion sizes, but on the other hand, something else in my brain is seriously lacking if I keep thinking that I was still missing out because I didn’t shovel food into my mouth, and it wasn’t all fries and schnitzels. I’m hoping that eventually something clicks in my head and it just happens and these stupid thoughts keep popping up.

So tonight, we’re off to a pizza night with friends. This one I’m really dreading, but I’m going to go through my list of 12WBT recipes and find some options that I can make. I will not undo my good work of last night! Nosireebob!

Oh and on other news – weigh in on Wednesday went really well. I was down 2.2kg – biggest loss for me in one week ever I think. Here’s to a good weigh in next Wednesday and here’s to Christmas finally being over so that the food shopping and eating can go back to some sense of normality!

Weigh in day

Previous weight: 107.0kg.
Today’s weight: 104.8kg.
2.2kg loss!

Yummy ugly balls

Our weekly surprise for 12WBT is to create a snack. The rules were that we had to only have 5 ingredients and be quick to make. Well these technically don’t qualify because they have 10 ingredients and are not super quick to make, but I love these. They came about by a bit of an accident, I had so much dried fruit left over from another recipe and I bought Quinoa and had no idea what to do with it, so here we go:

Yummy ugly balls

Each ball is about 25g and has only 58 calories.
You should get 16 balls out of this mix.


  • 1/3 cup quinoa
  • 1/3 cup oats
  • 3/4 orange juice
  • 3 tablespoon craisins
  • 3 tablespoon prunes
  • 3 tablespoon dried figs
  • 1/8 cup almonds
  • 1/8 cup walnuts
  • 1 tablespoon maple syrup
  • 20g Dessicated coconut


  1. Pre-heat oven to 180 degrees (celcius).
  2. Place the quinoa and orange juice in a pan and cook the quinoa until it has soaked up all the orange juice.
  3. Meanwhile, chop (or blitz) the almonds (I use flaked almonds), walnuts, dried figs and prunes.
  4. Place in a bowl with the oats and add the cranberries. When the quinoa has soaked up all the juice add this to the mix.
  5. Let the mixture cool slightly and then add 1 tablespoon maple syrup to the mix and mix up well.
  6. Take a tablespoon full of the mixture and roll into a ball, flatten slightly and roll in the coconut.
  7. Place on a baking sheet and put into the oven to cook for about 12 minutes.
    (The cooking step is optional – you can just roll these into coconut and put in the fridge, but I like the extra crunch you get when you cook these).
  8. When they’re cooked, let them cool and put in the fridge.

So if you’re looking for something that’s maybe a little like a muesli bar, but with less calories and super yummy, then may I suggest these. And if you do make them, drop me a line and let me know what you think. Are my tastebuds just weird?

12WBT day seventy one – Hanging in there

WOW I can’t believe it’s been a week since I last posted. I keep meaning to post, but this week has been so busy and by the time I sit down to the computer I’m just knackered and the last thing I think about doing is sitting down and writing. To be honest, tonight is a bit like that, but I’m here, and I’m writing.

The last week has been really good. I’ve been eating really well (again, you have to trust me, due to lack of daily stats) and I’ve been exercising too. Still not doing 5 days (let alone 6 days) a week, but I’m getting there. But overall it’s been a really good week.

Last week I happened to wander into town, on a mission to buy myself a new pair of work pants because all of mine are now too big for me (great feeling indeed). I happened to go into a store that sometimes has sales, hoping that I’d find my pants there. Well I didn’t. But I did find a massive everything is $10 sale. Normally I am not a huge fan of shopping because I find it so hard to find clothes to fit me, but I was daring. I grabbed a few pairs of jeans and slacks in size 18 and well, they were too big. So I ended up getting 16s and they FIT!! I grabbed a couple pairs of jeans in 16, a couple really nice cardies, a couple tops and then to top it off even further, I grabbed a couple pair of size 14 jeans (they were only $10 after all) with the intention of fitting them by Xmas. Well one of the pairs actually goes all the way up and are just a smidge off actually doing up. I can’t remember the last time I had size 14 jeans, and it’s such a pleasure having these now, KNOWING that they are going to fit me by Xmas this year.

So then I went to the hairdressers. We have a wedding to go to in a couple of weeks and I desperately needed a haircut. So I got it cut and coloured. Now it looks lovely. And all this I have noticed has brought about a real change in me. I realise now that since I broke my wrist and gained weight that I had really let myself go. I lost my care factor of what I looked like, whether I had makeup on or not. I never used to be like that. I used to always wear makeup whenever I went out. I used to dress up – to care what I looked like even though I was overweight, and I had lost that. But I’m happy to say that the old Tina is now coming back. Maybe not to the obsessed state of wearing makeup everywhere, but I’m certainly getting up a little earlier and doing my hair and putting a bit of makeup on before work in the mornings and also taking a bit more pride in my appearance – it helps that I can now fit smaller clothes and can now fit into some of my older clothes. It’s great. And it’s being noticed at work too. A few people have commented that I look nice, and my boss keeps telling me that she can really notice my weight loss now. It’s really a nice feeling 🙂