12WBT day one – over almost before I began

Today’s daily food intake…

So today was kick-off, the first official day of the Twelve Week Body Transformation Program (12WBT) and I got up early to do my shuffle (I’m starting again because I never got out in the morning again last week after my Monday morning efforts) – determined to make a good start to the week and start as I meant to go along – with daily exercise in the form of a shuffle, followed some nights of the week by extra exercise.

Except of course, being Monday and the first official day of the program I had to weigh-in. Got up, went to the toilet, and got on the scales. And then nearly almost collapsed in tears. Since last Wednesday I have somehow managed to gain 1.4kg. WTF??? I have eaten well, I have exercised, I have done everything right and I’ve gained weight in only 5 days. I was so upset.

But you will be pleased to know that I still got out there and I did my shuffle after I finally got myself dressed and had my little sob over my weight gain. I’ve decided to ignore that number on the scales this morning and only pay attention to my Wednesday Weigh In. On the plus side I did my measurements and I’m happy to announce that over the last 6 weeks I have lost a total of 18cm in total, which makes me pretty chuffed (and also makes it a little easier to ignore that number on the scales).

So here’s to the next four weeks and smashing my fitness test and having more CM’s lost by then.

Date Weight Chest Waist Hips Thighs Arms Total lost
          Left Right Left Right  
02/01/2012 110.0kg 109cm 110cm 133cm 72cm 73cm 45cm 47cm
13/02/2012   104.5cm 106cm 129cm 71cm 70.5cm 43.5cm 46.5cm 18.5cm