Some interesting food facts

Today’s daily food intake…

I did a little googling out of interest today to see just how many calories are in McDonalds food, because lately I’ve been having the biggest craving for a Triple Cheeseburger. Not just an ordinary cheeseburger but a triple cheeseburger. Ohh the gooey cheesy melting goodness and the extreme greasiness of one of those is just divine. Yes, I know they are so totally bad and unhealthy for you, but every now and then I just crave one. Normally of course I would give in to the temptation and go through the drive through and scoff down the cheeseburger before I get home so that no one knows I’ve had one. Then to cover up the fact that I’ve had one, I eat dinner too so I don’t look suspicious for not eating – because I am not one to miss my meals. That was back in the days when I wasn’t eating healthy and exercising though (mind you, there hasn’t been a great deal on the exercise front this week…), these days I don’t do such naughty things. I just dream about holding the cheeseburger in my hands and dream about the taste of it. Then I have to physically restrain myself from going down to Maccas and scoffing a whole crapload of food.

Now in case you’re interested here’s a bit of info about the calories in McDonalds (taken from their info sheet):



Big Mac 493cals/2060kj
Cheeseburger 284cals/1190kj
Double Cheeseburger 430cals/1800kj
Triple Cheeseburger Not even on the website! How ashamed of those calories must they be?
Grand Angus 630cals/2630kj
Mighty Angus 686cals/2870kj
Quarter Pounder 549cals/2300kj
Double Quarter Pounder 851cals/3560kj
McChicken 408cals/1710kj
Small fries 255cals/1070kj
Medium fries 368cals/1540kj
Large fries 453cals/1900kj
6 chicken nuggets 279cals/1160kj
Mustard sauce 66cals/275kj

Now let’s put some of this into perspective. When I used to go to McDonalds I would quite often get (apart from the triple cheeseburger [they were a 3am specialty!]) a Double Quarter Pounder meal, with large fries and a large coke. Sometimes if I was particularly hungry I’d also throw in a 6 pack of nuggets. The grand total of that dinner: 1657 calories (there are apparently 310 calories per large coke according to my Google research). That is not just a daily allowance of food, but a daily allowance of food, plus snacks and then the breakfast and morning snack of the next day. All rolled into one dinner! Bloody freaking hell!

When you look at the figures written down like that it’s really not hard to see how I managed to gain so much weight is it. Considering that wasn’t just a one off dinner for me. During my single times, living by myself I would quite often eat dinners like that, to a varying degree. Plus there was breakfasts of rolls with bacon, eggs and barbecue sauce, full fat latte and lunches of some sort of food court meal. I have to admit I never stopped to think how many calories there were in the dinners that I was eating, and I’m a little ashamed to actually put it out there and to read this. God it makes me feel quite sick, and thankfully the cravings for McDonalds have now gone.

Just something I thought I would share with you all.

12WBT day thirty eight – Farewell biscuits

We had a farewell do at work this afternoon and out came the Arnotts biscuits. I admit, I caved. Nothing else of note to say today, except I didn’t do any formal exercise, but I did go for a walk at lunch and was gone for an hour and a half (some of that time was in the shops) so while I can’t actually log the time (due to non wearing of HRM) I did do some, so I’m just putting that exercise in the back of my head as a pleasant surprise for later. Oh and on non 12WBT news, got some wicked black and silver shoes today. Shweet 🙂 Daily stats now:

FoodCalories in
B2 pieces toast with cheese306
SSmall apple45
LLeek and Potato soup213
SArnotts biscuits244
DHoisin beef stir-fry with spring vegetables300

ExerciseCalories out

No exercise0
Calories surplus/defecit-703

12WBT day thirty four – I had a burger today

Oh yes, it’s true everyone, today I had a burger. Once again we were out and about at lunch time, so we stopped in at a pub that we haven’t been to for a long time, and had a pub lunch, which for me consisted of Burger and chips (it also came with a beer, but I substituted the beer for a Coke Zero lol). And you know what? It was freakin awesome! Yep, it was bad food, but god did it taste good. I have to say that I’ve really enjoyed the food that we’ve been having on the 12WBT, but there is something very comforting in going back to good old pub food.

So having said how awesome it was, I should also say, I didn’t eat the whole thing. This burger was enormous! I don’t think I ate even half of it. I also only had a few sneaky chips that were served with the burger. And to be honest, I really didn’t enjoy the chips. All I could taste when I ate them was fishy oil and it made me feel sickly. But god, that burger. MMMMMM.

I’m not going to apologise. I knew what I was doing when I ate it. I’m not going to make excuses. I probably could have found something healthier to eat for lunch (though having seen the pubs lunch menu I actually doubt that to be true), I’m going to say I had a burger and be proud that I didn’t eat the whole thing, that I only had a few chips and that I’m having a very lovely super healthy soup for dinner tonight to make up for it. I still fully embrace the 12WBT challenge, but I also have a life to live, and there are going to be times I am going to want to just let loose and enjoy eating “bad” foods. Today was one of those days. It won’t be the last time either I’m sure. But as for the rest of the day – super healthy all the way 🙂 Oats for brekkie and soup for dinner, with no snacks in between (who needs snacks after this burger):
Burger and Chips

12WBT days nineteen to twenty four – Hard times

Well how is everyone, I feel as if a part of my life has been missing over the last few days without my daily blogging and my daily intakes being written down. I’ve been off having a lovely time camping and spending time with my family during the school holidays. I would like to say that I have been eating fantastically and exercising like a mad woman, because for once I have so much time. But alas, neither of those things is true. I had everything planned out really well for camping, took my food with me, but unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to eat my own food. We went to stay with my in-laws who are living in their caravan while waiting for their house to be built, and I just assumed that they would have their microwave set up and that I would be able to reheat all my lovely “here’s one I prepared earlier food”, but nope, it wasn’t to be. So while I had fairly good choices for breakfast and lunch, my dinners were whatever anyone else had. Which, unfortunately, consisted of a lot of fried food. I was pretty upset with myself. So you would think I’d have been making some better choices now that we are back home, but I haven’t been making fantastic choices. I need to get myself organised again, before I stuff up all the good work that I have done so far. But I have to admit, that this week, I’m losing my motivation. I don’t want to stop the program, I don’t want to stop the change to my life, but this week is really testing me I have to admit 🙁

So weigh day was yesterday. I lost 1.3kg which I was extremely chuffed about. I haven’t done my measurements yet, I will be doing them tomorrow or Saturday, and as soon as I have done them, I will put them up here for the world to see. I also plan on getting back to my daily blog with my daily stats. As of tomorrow!!! It’s so great to be back, so how did you all do?