New sewing desk

So the one thing that I came to realise when I was making Tomahawk’s quilt was that I am seriously lacking in space and I really need to have my own table that I can sew at peacefully. We didn’t eat at our dining table for weeks because everything was spread out and I was too slack to move it all the time. So I started a hunt for a new table, one that was small enough that I could put it in the living room behind the couch, but big enough to hold a sewing machine and bundles of material as I sew.

Enter – THE DESK
Original desk

I found this little beauty on ebay and won it all for the low low cost of $5.50 (AU) which was an absolute bargain. I totally fell in love with it. I hated the colour, and detested the handles, but I loved the shape of it and I knew in my heart that it had potential. And for $5.50 I could afford for it to be absolute crap and fall apart before I even got to the sanding stage.

the only slight problem with it, was that the drawers were on the wrong side. I really wanted them on my left, so that I could sit to the right of my desk and have all my material spread out over the left side of the desk. But of course – enter my wonderful man, who managed to take the whole drawer section and move them across to the left side and voila – now the perfect desk. Mick I love you btw xoxo. So now it was time to sand.

The drawers are off

Notice the drawers on the other side

Mmmm lovely sanded drawers

Luckily for me, Mick works at a hardware store, so I managed to pick up the paint and new handles at trade prices, which was an absolute bonus. I have a beautiful white Ikea cupboard at home that I am very much in love with (I believe it’s the Liatorp cupboard), and there is a desk that matches, but unfortunately it was way way beyond what we can afford right now. But I did want to make sure that the desk was the same colour so that it all matched. And once again, yes Mick came to the rescue, matching the paint up and mixing up the perfect colour for me.

So I have spent the last few days, sanding and painting and sanding and painting and more painting (thank god for long weekends). I did come to notice though, that a wrist, that was broken, that now has a plate in it, really isn’t fond of the whole sanding process. I have lived on pain killers for the last couple of days. But now, I can finally reveal to you:

The new and improved desk!

All refinished and in its place

All shiny and white

Close up of drawers and new handles

Thanks Mick for getting me cheap paint and handles 🙂

On a side note – diet has fallen a little off the wayside over the last week. I haven’t been to the gym for a couple of weeks now, but I think I am sufficiently recovered from my sickness that it’s about time I got off my butt and got back in there. So that’s the plan for tomorrow. Gym gym gym. Oh and it’s weigh day tomorrow. EEK.