Resources to make 12WBT easier

Today’s daily food intake…

I admit that I can get slightly obsessed about things. Sometimes I wonder if I’m more interested in being obsessed about 12WBT than I am about actually “doing” it. But I also like to plan and be prepared, and I have many diaries and apps to help me in my organisation – which is something I’m trying to really tackle this year, in all aspects of my life, to make sure I’m more organised in general.

The other day while I was on my way to meet my new exercise buddy Miss A I stopped off at the newsagents trying to find a copy of the Michelle Bridges Crunch Time calendar – which they didn’t have by the way. I thought while I was there I’d see if I could find a little diary that could fit into my handbag, that I could quickly scribble things in – like exercise times, calories counted, unexpected eating of food, simple, small things like that – because let’s be honest, sometimes sitting there typing it into a phone takes too bloody long and handwriting is just that tiny bit quicker. I digress. I found my lovely (oh so soft and supple, wonderful fresh page smelling) diary, but I also found a couple of snazzy little books I thought might help me, and possibly you, on the 12WBT (or maybe just a general weight loss) journey.

The first is a food diary, but not an ugly “I’m ashamed to bring this out in public” food diary, but a very swanky, gorgeous (also soft and supple – finding a common theme with me and stationery here people???) orange, slim-line diary. It’s by a company called Orange Circle Studio and seems to be a part of their Studio Oh! range (OH! indeed, check out some of their gorgeous wares…). It has 160 pages which equates to 160 days worth of food intakes (or 4 and a bit months – enough for the 12WBT program) and is just gorgeous. I have yet to use it, because I’m doing so much of mine digitally, and part of me wants to save it, so maybe I’ll start using it on the first official day of 12WBT, or maybe I’ll put it away till I really need it, or maybe I’ll just slip it in my bag and write in it when I feel like it. Who knows – I have choices, that’s the main thing. So if you’re in the market for a food diary, I highly recommend this – ask your newsagent maybe they have them.

Food log

Inside of food log

The other item I found, which I really am looking forward to using is the {21 days} journal. 21 days to healthy living to be exact. It’s based on the principle that it takes 21 days to break a habit and form a new one. It gives you space to write down what your goals are, to make a plan to reach your goals and then space daily to write down your food and exercise intake, followed by a couple of pages where you are encouraged to journal the day to help you succeed. Admittedly, this is pretty much what I’m doing now, but it’s nice to have a book where I can write down things that I feel a just that little “too” private for here. The coolest bit though, is that it comes with a cool wristband stamped with “Make it a habit!”, so that at all times you can remember what it is you are aiming for. Again though, I’m unsure when I should start using it. Now, or wait till the start of 12WBT? Decisions, decisions.

21 days journal

Inside the 21 days journal

Make it a habit! wristband