What is wrong with Port Lincoln?

Today’s daily food intake…

Easy answer – there are too many bloody hills! Yes people that’s right. If you come to Port Lincoln, then be prepared for some serious exercise. Today was what is known in the 12WBT universe as Super Saturday Session (or SSS), where you really try and smash out the exercise and burn some serious calories. I knew a couple of days ago that we were going to go for a ride (I’d even managed to get Mick to miss Cricket to do this with me, a bloody amazing feat even if I say so myself) and I’d let Mick decide where we were going to go. I was thinking that maybe doing about 10km would be good. I’d be happy with that.

Nope. 16.91km thank you very much. Mick decided that we would ride along the Parnkalla Trail (or some of it as it’s about 14km in length from one end to the other (28km there and back – HELLO!). Little did I know just how hilly and steep some of the points were. And to say that I’m not the most confident rider is an understatement (read that as – big ‘ole fat coward!), there were times when I was truly crapping myself. Or I would have been if my butt muscles hadn’t been so sore from the bike.

Would I say that riding a bike is my favourite form of exercise? No. But it certainly does help that kilometres add up. I burn more calories riding a bike than I do swimming, but it’s a lot more uncomfortable and hot than swimming. So with each form of exercise, you have to take the good with the bad. On the one hand with swimming, I might not get the best cardio workout (I just can’t seem to push myself in the pool because I get so out of breath and just can’t seem to get my breath back), but I do get some great resistance happening, which I’m sure is helping my muscles along. Plus, in the pool it’s pretty hard to get too hot and sweaty, which I love. But then with cycling I get the great cardio happening and find that I push myself that little bit harder, but I’m not so great with hills and find that I can’t make it up them and have to walk – which is still exercise I suppose. All in all, I’d have to say that both forms of exercise will definitely be staying in my diary, and I think I might mix it up with a little walking and some Zumba. Tonight’s mission is to sit down and diarise my work-out plan for the next couple of weeks.

So all in all, today was a great day. Good, healthy food choices, and lots of exercise. The ride took us 2 hours and 9 minutes, smashed out 16.91km and burnt a fantastic 1265 calories. I’m proud of myself. But please excuse me now, while I go and die *sigh*