Weight loss tracker

Weight loss tracker

As you may have guessed by now from reading this blog, I have a very unhealthy obsession, with umm obsession… I love lists, and I love being organised (not that I always am, I admit) but I also have that nerdy geeky side that loves Excel and formulas and making things work for me in a much easier fashion – even if it sometimes takes me weeks to work out how to make something do something else automatically (there’s that obsessive streak again).

Last year I was reading Ange’s blog over at From F*cked to Fab when I came across her spreadsheet that she had so kindly shared with everyone. It was just what I was looking for. I’d wanted to do something similar to that, but I’d lacked all the motivation to get off my butt and do it, and I was busy doing a whole set of different formulas in Excel for work. It fit the bill for me. Except, Tina being Tina, it didn’t do everything automatically for me. God forbid, I still had to enter some information in and that just didn’t cut it for me. So I set to work modifying it a bit (okay, I also wanted a couple extra fields in I admit), until finally, last week I finally finished it and was happy with it.

So with Ange’s permission, I offer you up another version of the 12WBT tracker. It’s very simple to use (I suggest, if you download this, that you save the file as an excel template so you can use it again and again..), it is a perpetual tracker, so you don’t need to download new versions, you can keep it updated yourself very easily – you open it up, go to the MY STATS tab, choose which round you are doing from the drop-down menu at the top, enter your kick off date and your kick off weight, and your goal weight, update your age and height at the bottom and the spreadsheet is ready to go, with all the dates entered for you for the next 12 weeks. All you need to do is fill in your eating and exercise every day, and once a week update that little orange box up above Wednesday with your new weight and voila – instant gratification in the form of calculations. (Yep, that nerdy bit in me just keeps coming…)

I really hope you all find this as useful as I have – and do – and that it helps to keep you on track with your 12WBT.

Please don’t forget to go and visit Ange, she truly is such an inspiration and an all round great lady.

— UPDATE 12 February 2012 —

I’ve updated the spreadsheet so that now you can see what your weekly deficit is for Monday to Sunday on a week page, but also what your weigh-in deficit would be (Wednesday to Tuesday). Also fixed an issue with the BMR not reflecting the correct weigh-in days.

Download the 12WBT Tracker