Yummy ugly balls

Our weekly surprise for 12WBT is to create a snack. The rules were that we had to only have 5 ingredients and be quick to make. Well these technically don’t qualify because they have 10 ingredients and are not super quick to make, but I love these. They came about by a bit of an

Struggle street

I have to admit that this week has been a struggle for me. In all areas. Exercise, food, motivation, anything you can think of, I’ve struggled with. I’ve never made a secret of the fact that I hate exercise and that it’s always been my biggest struggle when doing 12WBT or any “diet” program. That

Some interesting food facts

Today’s daily food intake… I did a little googling out of interest today to see just how many calories are in McDonalds food, because lately I’ve been having the biggest craving for a Triple Cheeseburger. Not just an ordinary cheeseburger but a triple cheeseburger. Ohh the gooey cheesy melting goodness and the extreme greasiness of

Terrible munchies

Today’s daily food intake… Weigh in day Previous weight: 104.6kg. Today’s weight: 103.4kg. 1.2kg loss Ack, today I have had the worst munchies. I have been craving salt all day long. I’m putting it down to having popcorn over the last couple of days, which I easily get addicted to. I don’t normally go for

Is there such a thing as a weekend alcoholic?

Well it’s Monday again.  The weekend has come and gone.  And so has my healthy eating.  It came along briefly on Friday night and then it went awol until this morning.  Oh and the healthy drinking (of water and such) that lasted all of one, let me say it again ONE drink.  On Friday.  And