I have a date!

Stop press. Yes you read it correctly. Tonight I have a date. And I’m mildly excited by it. Mildly nervous about it. Mildly sad about it too. I should be bouncing around and jumping for joy but I’m really not. So I met this guy on the internet on a dating site (Yes I’m sad,

Mixed emotions

Yesterday a very dear friend told me that she was pregnant. Momentous news that usually brings happiness and goodwill to people, and congratulations all around and the exciting prospect of that new baby smell and warmth and general feelings of gladness and goodness. I’m no exception. I felt all those things when she told me

She Lives!

Yes it’s true people.  I am alive.  I realise that this site has been pretty dismal lately.  But life has gotten in the way of me actually having time to post about said life, and it’s really taken a lot of my time away from going around and reading and commenting on all of your