NaNoWriMo = Success

Seriously folks, I know that this is officially my last post for November, but I’ve been writing all day, trying desperately to get my NaNoWriMo novel finished and my wrist is just KILLING me. Hurts so bad, and I still have a wee bit more writing to do so that I can officially win NaNoWriMo.

Great night of writing

I have been writing up a storm tonight and my wrist is absolutely killing me, not to mention my fingers who have certainly gotten a workout tonight. Have gotten some great writing done tonight, and am really happy with where the story is going and YAY me, I have finally reached 25,000 words. That means

On a roll now

Well I really don’t have a lot of time to post tonight. I’m finally on a roll with the writing. The ideas just seem to be coming out finally, in a relatively coherent way and the story is really starting to take shape. I’m very happy with what I’ve done so far and really want