Distorted visions of myself

Well pre-season task #8 is done and dusted. I have weighed myself, measured myself and taken the dreaded photos of myself in my underwear. The two things I found the hardest out of all that was to actually ask my partner to take the photos of me, which I had to ask I just couldn’t put the camera anywhere to get a full photo of myself; and secondly to actually then look at the photos once they had been taken.

I swear to god, I didn’t realise that was how I looked. When I look at myself in the mirror, I see someone who is fat, yes that is true. But I didn’t see all those rolls of fat, or the weird belly thing that I have going on. It was awful and confronting and the most horrible thing I have ever seen. But you know what, out of all bad things, something good has to come right. And the good thing that will come out of this, is that these photos have given me a huge motivation to kick this weight off of me once and for all, so that I can take some great after photos.

And yes, I will be putting the disgusting photos up online, if only to make sure that they are here, in my face, all the time, to remind me why I am doing the 12WBT.

Pre 12WBT Front
This is me from the front, the day before 12WBT kickoff
Pre 12WBT Side
This is me from the side the day before 12WBT kickoff
Pre 12WBT Back
This is me from the back the day before 12WBT kickoff