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ONov 23, 2010

The hike of my life

Okay so enough of my whingeing about the hike on Sunday (though really, I have so much more whingeing left in me – honest). It really was overall just a beautiful weekend. We left early on Saturday morning and took a nice leisurely drive down through Victor Harbour, ending up in Deep Creek Conservation park […]

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ONov 21, 2010

Moderate my butt!!

We’ve just gotten back from our weekend away camping. While we were there today we decided to do a hike down to a place called Deep Creek Cove. It was only supposed to be a “Moderate” walk. Well I am sure that I nearly died of a heart attack, not so much on the way […]

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OJun 18, 2010

I need to be more positive

So today I went out to get my heart rate monitor (Hello Polar F7, I love you lots already xoxo), and when I was walking out of the office to go and grab it, along with my new set of scales, the girl I share an office with asked where I was going. So I […]

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