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OFeb 8, 2012

Terrible munchies

Today’s daily food intake… Weigh in day Previous weight: 104.6kg. Today’s weight: 103.4kg. 1.2kg loss Ack, today I have had the worst munchies. I have been craving salt all day long. I’m putting it down to having popcorn over the last couple of days, which I easily get addicted to. I don’t normally go for […]

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OJul 26, 2010

12WBT day thirty five – Feels like starting again

After being on holidays and then being sick all last week, today felt like I was starting the 12 week challenge all over again. Back were the hunger pains, back was my continuous thinking about food and back was my obsessing about food and exercise. The weird thing is, while I was away on holidays […]

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OJun 24, 2010

12WBT day four – Starting to hit me

Oh today I was hungry. So very very hungry. I’m sure that it’s not because I’m not eating, because I am, but I think rather, that it is because all I seem to be able to think obsess about is food. It is taking up all my thoughts and driving me stir crazy. I have […]

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