Shark cage diving

Today’s daily food intake…

The other day I was thinking about my rewards for losing weight. On the one hand, I sort of don’t believe that I deserve a reward for losing weight, because I should never have let myself get to the point where I have so much weight to lose, but on the other hand, having those rewards act as a great incentive to keep going. So I’ve decided to go with it and give myself rewards. Cos who doesn’t love a good reward hmm?

I get stuck when trying to work out what to reward myself with though, because usually, if there’s something that I really want, I’ll get it. But there isn’t anything that I really, really want. Except to marry my partner and have a baby, and well, I can’t force either one of those, so I can’t exactly put them down as rewards. With that in mind, I’m leaving my rewards as they have been sitting for the last 18 months.

Except for one. Originally I had down that when I got to 70kg, which is 5kg off my goal weight that I would get myself some diamond earrings. But I decided on something else that I would really love to have/do.

Shark cage diving.

I so badly want to do this, I can almost taste the salt water in my mouth and the feel the wee running down my leg as I come face to face with a great white, but I refuse to do this until I am at 70kg. Surely this will give me incentive to lose weight and get to my goal weight? (In the back of my mind I am hearing the fish on Finding Nemo… “shark bait, shark bait, shark bait“…)

So my final list of rewards goes as follows:

  • 10kg lost (100kg)
    Hawaii 5.0 box set. I’d kill for that, and this gives me incentive to get it
  • 20kg lost (90kg)
    Weekend away, not camping, but a hotel
  • 30kg lost (80kg)
    A splurge of quilting material
  • 40kg lost (70kg)
    Shark cage diving. I was going to make this my goal weight reward, but I like my ultimate reward more.
  • 45kg lost (65kg)
    A complete new wardrobe and makeover and a trip to Fiji with my partner [which he still doesn’t know about….. Must get around to warning him about this impending trip!]

Do you have any goals set up for your weight loss journey? Are you going with smaller type rewards and more of them for maybe every 5kg lost, or going with larger rewards, for bigger losses?