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OFeb 19, 2012

I’m back baby… Running that is

Today’s daily food intake… Okay, maybe not running, but I’m back to my shuffling. So WooHoo and yay me! Admittedly it took me two days more than I was saying it would. I swore I was going to get back out there on Friday and do it, but woke up so sore that I just […]

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OFeb 16, 2012

Hurting bad

Today’s daily food intake… Weigh in day – yesterday (oops) Previous weight: 103.4kg. Today’s weight: 102.6kg. 0.8kg loss Today was not my day! Finally, finally after so many times trying I got up at 6.20am ready and energised from yesterday to do my shuffle in the morning. Got myself dressed and out the door, ready […]

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OFeb 15, 2012

Lessons learned while shuffling

I learned a few lessons today, while I did my afternoon shuffle. Let me share with you what they were: You shouldn’t turn your alarm off in the morning (I kinda knew this one already, but it’s been slammed home to me again today), because if you do turn your alarm off in the morning, […]

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