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OOct 22, 2012

And here returns the slackness

WOW for someone who was going to post every single day in October, I’ve not really done so well have I? Let’s see what else has fallen off the bandwagon shall we? Rocktober? Umm that’s a bust. I hadn’t exercised at all until today…. Octsober? Huh, this one was supposed to be the easiest one […]

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OFeb 16, 2012

Hurting bad

Today’s daily food intake… Weigh in day – yesterday (oops) Previous weight: 103.4kg. Today’s weight: 102.6kg. 0.8kg loss Today was not my day! Finally, finally after so many times trying I got up at 6.20am ready and energised from yesterday to do my shuffle in the morning. Got myself dressed and out the door, ready […]

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OFeb 7, 2012

Lessons learned

Today’s daily food intake… I feel so tired and zonked tonight, but I really have no reason to be. I was all geared up for swimming tonight, which was going to be followed by an aquaerobics class at the same place with Miss A. I left work, bag all packed and ready, rocked up to […]

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OFeb 3, 2012

Struggling with exercise

Today’s daily food intake… I set my alarm for 6.30am again today, knowing that Friday nights are always busy at our place because it’s food shopping night and then have to cook dinner and then I’m just knackered, so there is never any exercise happening on Fridays. So I did the right thing last night, […]

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OJan 31, 2012

Must not turn alarm off

Todays daily food intake… Argh where are my list of excuses in the morning when I set my alarm to go off at 6.30am so that I can get up and do some exercise? And why doesn’t my brain function properly at that time so that I can say “Get up Tina, get up, don’t […]

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OJan 17, 2012

Eating out is not eating smart

Today’s daily food intake… The last few days haven’t been the best for me. We went over our download limit for the month (thanks to some Skyping and Zumba downloading…) so I didn’t have any internet at home. I could plug my phone in and tether it to use some of my phone’s download limit, […]

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OFeb 22, 2011

12WBT R1,2011 Day one and two

Yesterday was the kickoff of Round 1, 2011 of the 12 Week Body Transformation, so it was the first day of the next 12 weeks for me, concentrating on my healthy eating and exercising. I did quite well yesterday, except for a little slip up of a chocolate cupcake, which was for my birthday (which […]

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ONov 28, 2010

I need a tree

First off I would just like to say thank you very much to both Marshmallow, Chris and Linda for their kind words yesterday. When I woke up this morning and saw your comments you put a smile on my face and Marshy your Hugs just brought a warm feeling to me. When you think everything […]

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ONov 14, 2010

Wipeout of a weekend

Well the title of this post says it all really. It was a complete wipeout of a whole weekend. I still didn’t get to my sewing, didn’t even get to cutting out my bag – again. I got a tiny little bit of writing done – 1700 words, which still leaves me 8500 words behind […]

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OAug 25, 2010

12wbt day sixty five – Devastation

I was going so well with the 12wbt program, but last week was definitely a slip up. I knew that today’s weigh in wasn’t going to be great, I expected a little weight gain, but I gained a whole kilo. I really hadn’t thought I’d done quite THAT badly, but apparently I had. So there […]

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OAug 24, 2010

12wbt day sixty four – I’m still alive

It’s true everyone, I am still alive and I am still eating healthy (mostly). Actually that’s a bit of a lie. I’ve not had the best week. I got another dose of the flu last week, and I tried to make the right decisions food wise, but I don’t think I really did. There was […]

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OJul 19, 2010

12WBT days twenty five to twenty eight – Feeling like a failure

I have so many mixed emotions going on in my head right now I don’t know if I’m coming or going. I haven’t blogged for the last few days, because there wasn’t any point. I wasn’t going to be able to write how I had gotten in some great exercise, or how I had eaten […]

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OJul 15, 2010

12WBT days nineteen to twenty four – Hard times

Well how is everyone, I feel as if a part of my life has been missing over the last few days without my daily blogging and my daily intakes being written down. I’ve been off having a lovely time camping and spending time with my family during the school holidays. I would like to say […]

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OJul 6, 2010

12WBT day fifteen – slack day *acknowledged*

Yes everyone, today was a slack day. Still did good eating choices, but didn’t do any exercise. Am in quite a bit of pain thanks to it being that time of the month and there really wasn’t a whole lot of motivation on my part to get out there and cause myself more pain. Gearing […]

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OJul 4, 2010

12WBT day thirteen – crap day, very unhappy with myself

Today we had a family day. When I say family day, I mean Mick, myself and Brodie go out and do something. We only get Brodie to stay with us every six months and only for a couple of weeks during school holidays, so the time that we have together is always very special. When […]

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OJul 2, 2010

12WBT day eleven – Such a busy day

Well once again my lack of organisation has come back to bite me in the bum. I was so tired last night, needing to catch up on sleep and there was a serious lack of motivation on my part, so I didn’t get my lunch organised for today. I need to start realising that if […]

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OJun 29, 2010

12WBT day eight – In pain and not happy

Today was a crap day. Wisdom tooth is giving me absolute grief today and there is just no care factor. Not a great way to spend the day before weigh in. But there you have it. Went to work, came home, did dinner and now I’m going to bed. No exercise. Am so NOT looking […]

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OJun 23, 2010

12WBT – day three

Today was a day of mixed highs and lows for me. Overall I’m very very disappointed with myself. I’m proud of my weight loss and proud of the fact that I did the walk to our meeting with a lot more ease than I did last time. But I’m really disappointed with myself for having […]

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OJun 23, 2010

I think I may just be getting fitter!

Okay so major revelation for me this morning. When I started my current job 8 weeks ago, we had to go to a meeting. Considering everyone here is younger and a LOT fitter than I am (they’re quite the sporty types), they all walk to the meeting, rather than cabbing it. Which is a good […]

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OJun 16, 2010

Holiday habits I need to kick

Last weekend was a long weekend for us in Adelaide, and for us that means we tend to go away. In fact over long weekends we tend to take the 6 1/2 hour drive and head over to Port Lincoln. It is the most beautiful spot in Australia, and I would move there in a […]

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