12WBT day one – over almost before I began

Today’s daily food intake…

So today was kick-off, the first official day of the Twelve Week Body Transformation Program (12WBT) and I got up early to do my shuffle (I’m starting again because I never got out in the morning again last week after my Monday morning efforts) – determined to make a good start to the week and start as I meant to go along – with daily exercise in the form of a shuffle, followed some nights of the week by extra exercise.

Except of course, being Monday and the first official day of the program I had to weigh-in. Got up, went to the toilet, and got on the scales. And then nearly almost collapsed in tears. Since last Wednesday I have somehow managed to gain 1.4kg. WTF??? I have eaten well, I have exercised, I have done everything right and I’ve gained weight in only 5 days. I was so upset.

But you will be pleased to know that I still got out there and I did my shuffle after I finally got myself dressed and had my little sob over my weight gain. I’ve decided to ignore that number on the scales this morning and only pay attention to my Wednesday Weigh In. On the plus side I did my measurements and I’m happy to announce that over the last 6 weeks I have lost a total of 18cm in total, which makes me pretty chuffed (and also makes it a little easier to ignore that number on the scales).

So here’s to the next four weeks and smashing my fitness test and having more CM’s lost by then.

Date Weight Chest Waist Hips Thighs Arms Total lost
          Left Right Left Right  
02/01/2012 110.0kg 109cm 110cm 133cm 72cm 73cm 45cm 47cm
13/02/2012   104.5cm 106cm 129cm 71cm 70.5cm 43.5cm 46.5cm 18.5cm

Beginning to hate weigh ins

Today’s daily food intake…

Weigh in day

Previous weight: 106.8kg.
Today’s weight: 106.9kg.
100g gain

Warning: Issues of a feminine nature ahead…

So today was weigh in day and after my sneak peak on Sunday I’d really amped things up, was totally within my calorie range and did exercise every day (twice yesterday, burning 808 calories which for me is quite a lot), so I thought for sure that I’d lose a little weight. That was my aim, not to have a massive loss like last week, but to at least lose something. And really, I should have. I shouldn’t have gained 400g when I weighed myself last Sunday, because the truth is, while I might have had a steak sandwich and chips on Wednesday and I might have had Salt and Pepper Squid for lunch on Saturday, I’d still come in at a deficit and in general had been exercising and eating well.

So you can imagine how pissed off I was when I got on the scales this morning, expecting (hoping) to see a bit of a loss, and instead seeing a gain. Yes okay, it was only a 100g gain from last week, but FFS!!! I could have cried. There was the one side of my brain, being rational and saying, “you can’t always count on your body to fall in with the science of losing weight” – but then there was the other side of my brain saying “come on (Lleyton Hewit style) I’ve done everything right, I’ve eaten well, I’ve not eaten chips or any of the other food I adore and I’ve exercised till I thought I was going to fall over (or drown)”. But there was no changing those scales. They were where they were, and they weren’t going down.

So I was trudging around all sad and glum and mentally berating my body for being such a crapola body and went to the toilet only to discover that it was once again TTOTM for me. I know that this shouldn’t come as a shock when it happens, but considering I’m on the pill and I only just finished my last cycle about 1 ½ weeks ago, I was a little shocked. Not to mention even more peeved off with my body. At least I know now why I gained weight (I tend to always gain weight, stay the same or have minute losses at that time), but now I’m left wondering what’s going wrong with my body that I’m getting my period again. All in all it’s been a pretty crapola day for me and left me feeling very disheartened.

So to cheer myself up, Mick and I went out for dinner tonight. There’s something very soothing in having dinner by the ocean, I could do it every day of the night. Oh and the one glass of wine I had with dinner certainly went down a treat. I could easily have gone with more. I admit, that today I have gone over my 1200 calories (by a whole 81 calories) but every single one of them has been worth it.

Wine and dinner on the beach – can you get better than that?

Kinkawooka mussel pot – before

Kinkawooka mussel pot – after (notice the empty wine glass too…)

But I persevere and tomorrow is another day – with an Australia Day public holiday to boot. So rather than sitting at home feeling sorry for myself, Mick and I are going out to the national park and we’re going to climb some hill and look at some monument. (I think I’d prefer to go to Tunarama myself, but there’s still three days of that left…)

Second weigh-in for 2012

Today’s daily food intake…

Argh today was not the best day! I woke up feeling all great and ready to face the scales, which I did. Then I wish I hadn’t. I wasn’t expecting a huge loss, but I was expecting a loss. I know from having done the 12WBT program before that you can still lose weight on the program even if you aren’t doing exercise. Not that I would encourage that kind of behaviour, because really, that is going to defeat the purpose of getting a healthy lifestyle happening and, well, you can only keep that up for so long before you won’t lose weight just by eating healthy. But I had been slack and working myself up to get into the exercising.

So I got on the scales and what did I see? A little loss? No. A big loss? No.

A BIG FAT GAIN!!! That’s what I saw. 1.1kg of fat has been added to my body in only two days. I really can’t explain it. I was quite devastated. Here was me coming along with my haha I’ve been great for the last two days attitude and boy did I get kicked in the face. I’m not going to stress about it too much at the moment though. I’m hoping it kinda pans itself out and it’s just part of being a female and all that crap. If there is another gain next Wednesday though, the scales and I will be having some serious words.

I suppose the one good thing that did come out of it though is that it spurred me on to doing some exercise. Well that spurred me on, as well as meeting my new exercise buddy Miss A, who is also going to be doing the 12WBT program. It’s nice to have met someone else new here in Port Lincoln and someone who is going to be doing the same challenge, someone who will get where I’m coming from when I want to pull my hair out or just generally cry. So we met up and had lovely skinny lattes, and chatted, and I got to thinking. All this talk of having an exercise buddy is no good if I don’t actually do any exercise.

So I went home, got my bathers on, strapped on my Heart Rate Monitor, left Snotface at home playing Sims (I tried to get her to come with me to the pool, but she wasn’t interested, and really, how do you convince a 15 year old that they want to go out and do something other than playing on the computer? – No really, HOW?), got in my car and went straight to the pool.

58 minutes and 25 seconds later I had done 42 laps of the pool, which equates to 1km and 50 metres (or 1.05km if you prefer) and had burnt off a nice, healthy 471 calories. I felt so great after having completed it. But by the time I got home, I was knackered. It really has been such a long time since I’ve exercised. I’m almost (almost, not quite) looking forward to doing more. So my plan of attack tomorrow is to get out in the morning, before it gets hot and everyone wakes up and can see me wobbling along, and do a session of the C25K app. I’m a crap runner, have never gotten into it, but always wanted to try. So tomorrow I shall.

And next Wednesday – look out scales, I’m coming to get you!

Another weigh in day… Not so great

Okay so how many weeks have I been saying this now? I need to get my butt into gear and get back onto the 12WBT? Too many weeks now,without really doing anything about it. So today was weigh in day again (yes I still follow weekly Wednesday weigh ins) and I have put weight back on again. Yes it was only 500gm, but seriously, since the wedding and getting sick, I’ve been so slack and not doing everything I learned over the official program. So while I’m hovering around the same mark, I’m not losing weight properly. And I really only have myself to blame.

I haven’t been watching what I eat completely (that chocolate muffin today definitely isn’t on the diet list…..) and I haven’t been exercising. I’m not even making excuses not to exercise, I’m just totally blanking it from my mind – as if that is a good excuse in itself. So I’m sabotaging myself without even acknowledging that I am. So my aim for the next week is to get back on track. Get to the gym at least 4 times this week and to eat healthy from RIGHT NOW.

On other news, no quilting today. But I have done 2,180 words of my novel. I should technically be up to 6,000 by now, but meh I’ve never done this before and I will admit. I’m struggling. World famous author I am not destined to be. But I really do want to get this story finished and get it printed up for Snotface, hopefully in time for Christmas.

So for everyone else out there in NaNoWriMo land, how are you going with your novels? And for NaBloPoMo‘s, are you keeping up with your blog posts?

It’s new quilt project time

So a while back I stopped over at Mid Mod Quilt Bee and came across this post which gave me some inspiration to start a new quilt. I fell in love with the simplicity of it and really wanted to try something similar. While I love the colours that are on the drawing, they weren’t quite what I wanted.

So I set to work on a design for my quilt, and this is what I came up with:

One very rough design

Basic colour scheme

Hopefully you get the idea from that. It’s pretty rough at this stage, I’m still working out what all my measurements are going to be and I want to finish up the colouring of the whole quilt. But basically, because I want something that’s fairly neutral for both my partner and myself, that matches the lounge suite, I’m going to go with some dusky pinks, grey blues and mocha chocolates for the sashing and backgrounds.

The overall plan and my calculations

So after doing some measuring up, I thought I should test out my measurements with some scraps and see if I actually worked it out correctly – which I did, except for the long piece, which I didn’t measure correctly when cutting it out. Instead of 11.5″ I cut out 12.5″ and couldn’t for the life of me work out why it was too long. Silly me.

Trial all cut out and placed up

And voila. One test piece sewn up. I really have to work on trying to keep the material from pulling, because as you can tell, it’s now a little lopsided instead of being square. GRRR. But practice makes perfect, so I will get it right in the end. Now to find myself just the right fabric to make the quilt out of and to measure up the rest of the blocks.

The test sewn up

So on another note, today was weigh in day and I have to say that it’s been a bad couple of weeks with lots of sickness, friends visiting and staying with us and general non excitement, non motivated time. Needless to say, I put on weight *sigh* So now I have 1.8kg (OMG YES) to lose. My aim is to get to 90kg by Christmas time, so I guess I better get my (big) butt back to the gym. Tommorrow!!!

12wbt day sixty five – Devastation

I was going so well with the 12wbt program, but last week was definitely a slip up.
I knew that today’s weigh in wasn’t going to be great, I expected a little weight gain, but I gained a whole kilo. I really hadn’t thought I’d done quite THAT badly, but apparently I had. So there was major disappointment to myself this morning when I looked at the scales and saw that the number had jumped right up. But there is nothing I can do about the week that has passed, so I can only look to the week ahead now and make sure that I pull my head back in, and focus again.

To that end, I really need to start keeping a track of my daily calories and food plan, which I haven’t really kept up the last couple of weeks. Also have been very disorganised in general, so need to sit down and work up a proper menu plan once again and do a big food shop. That will have to be tonight I think. Though I don’t quite know how I can fit both the gym and food shopping in arghhhhh. Perhaps I might do the food shopping, then come home and do Zumba. Seriously people I need more time in my life.

I shall advise of the outcome tonight…. Till then, happy weigh in everyone, and I hope you all do a hell of a lot better than I did. Silly Tina :/