Weigh in

Weigh in

So I thought, what with needing to lose so much weight and all that (45kg is a fair bit to lose), that if I continued making it one list on my sidebar, that was going to end up being one helluva long list, and it would end up being longer than my posts and well that would just make the site look not so purty – and I’m all about the purtiness! So while I will continue to keep a list on my main pages, the complete list, will now be found here, in all its glory!

Without further ado I give you my:

Weekly Weigh Ins

My weight when I first started trying to lose it:
10-05-10: 116.4kg

End of Round 2, 2010 12WBT program:
08-09-10: 99.8kg (-16.6)

So now the weight loss starts again – my pre pre-season training for 12WBT 2012
02-01-12: 110.0kg (-0.0)
04-01-12: 111.1kg (+1.1) WTF?
11-01-12: 109.1kg (-2.0)
18-01-12: 106.8kg (-2.3)
25-01-12: 106.9kg (+0.1) GRR!
01-02-12: 104.6kg (-2.3)
08-02-12: 103.4kg (-1.2)
08-02-12: 102.6kg (-0.8)
22-02-12: 103.8kg (+1.2)GRR!
29-02-12: 102.5kg (-1.3)
07-03-12: 100.7kg (+1.8)
14-03-12: 102.7kg (+2.0)
14-03-12: 102.0kg (-0.7)

21-03-12: 102.0kg (-0.7)