12WBT day one

WOW, what can I say about today except for WOW. I went to bed last night with the intention of getting up at 5.30am to get some extra exercise in today. Well, as I half expected, the warmth of my bed kept me there, tucked in nice and tight and I didn’t get up until 6am when the alarm went off. I made sure that I was all prepared for my breakfast last night though, so all I had to do was add my water to the oats and put it in the microwave and then watch the news while eating my lurvely porridge.

So to make up for my lack of 5.30am exercise, I went for a great power walk at lunch time, through the botanical gardens (I’m that lucky that I work right next door to the gardens) and burned up a nice 300cals. Completely stuffed me for the rest of the day though, but I still did the Jillian Michaels Kickboxing DVD with Nic when I got home.

Dinner was lamb cutlets with mushy peas, ricotta and mint and that was surprisingly nice.

Overall, this was a great first day. I’m not hungry – even though I am constantly thinking about food, and just feel invigorated overall. And really looking forward to tomorrow. Bring it on.

So below are my stats for today, and also my starting weight and measurement stats, which I will update weekly.

FoodCalories in
BPorridge with dates and 2t brown sugar316
S1 small pear &
100g celery
L2 cups pumpkin soup227
S1 Forme Strawberry yoghurt & 140g carrot130
DLamb cutlets with mushy peas297


ExerciseCalories out
33 minute power walk at lunchtime (Average heart rate 140)306
Jillian Michaels Kickboxing DVD (26mins)250
Calories surplus/defecit-1380


Weight Chest Waist Hips Thighs Arms
Start 110.5 108cm 122cm 137cm 72cm 45.5cm
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