Adventures in Adelaide

Hi everyone, did you miss me? I missed you all that’s for sure.

Have had a really busy and jam packed four days over in Adelaide. Had a late getaway on Thursday night and didn’t get in to Adelaide until 2.30am on Friday, had a quick sleep then it was off to the specialist first thing on Friday morning. That was the general theme of the whole weekend. Lots of doing “stuff” and not a whole lot of sleep. I’m desperate for a good sleep-in – which I’m planning on getting this coming weekend.

Plans for the weekend went a little awry, I didn’t do Mt. Lofty due to unforseen circumstances, which was a little sad, but at the same time, there was a wee little part of me that breathed a huge sigh of relief. Having said that, I’m planning on going back to Adelaide again in 8 weeks or so – at the end of 12WBT and I will climb Mt Lofty then, so it’s not all over red rover yet. The fat lady (that would be me) hasn’t sung her last song yet!

What the fat lady has sung her last song on though is softball (insert big sad face here). I know that I’ve complained about softball on here before, and there was a certain love hate relationship I had going with the game, but at the end of the day, it was always my choice on whether or not I continued to play the game. But I had a specialist appointment on Friday for my wrist – our whole reason for going over to Adelaide in the first place – and the news I received wasn’t as good as I was hoping. So let me explain…

I was expecting to go in and have the specialist look at my wrist, do a few little exercises and have her tell me that things had improved and would continue to. Well that was what I was hoping – not necessarily what I was expecting. I walked into the appointment with Mick – I made sure he came with me so he could ask questions I would likely forget to ask – and then started the grilling. There was the whole back story on how I had broken my wrist, what things could I do, what things could I not do, how had these things changed over the last three years etc etc. Possibly one of the worst parts of my appointment was where the doctor asked me what I weighed. First thing that popped into my head was “thank god I’ve been doing 12wbt and lost about 10kg, otherwise I’d be even more embarrassed than I am now”, second thing that popped in was, “how do I get Mick out of the room before I answer this”?

Because in all the time that we’ve lived together Mick has never, ever known what I weigh. It’s always been my deep dark secret – that I share with everyone out there in the world via my blog, but have never actually told Mick. So I had to answer her, in front of Mick, and I wanted to die of shame. All the pride that I had in having lost 10kg went out the door, and in it’s place was the shame of having gotten so overweight that I had to tell the doctor in front of the man I love and adore that I weigh 100.7kg. You know what, Mick just held my hand and gave it a squeeze and smiled at me. I think I fell even more in love with him at that point.

Which brings me back around to what I was saying about softball. My wrist hasn’t gone so great over the last three years. I have to go back to Adelaide as soon as I can to get an MRI done, as they think there could be some separation of the bones and perhaps some ligament damage (I’m hoping not, but in another way, hoping there is so that there is some explanation for the masses of pain that I still get). The doctor asked if I did any exercise or played any sport (and I was quite happy when I could tell her all the exercise that I now do, as compared to last year when I was doing nothing) and told her that I was playing softball as well.

Who knew that softball was an impact sport? I didn’t. The doctor did. Which she then kindly informed me was now off limits. No more impact sports for me, because apparently, that doesn’t do the wrist any favours whatsoever. So no softball, no hockey like I was hoping to do, no cricket. The doctors suggestion? Golf. Seriously, she suggested I take up golf. What I didn’t tell her was that I’m planning on taking up mixed touch footy lol. I don’t think she would have really thought that was a good idea. I might have also forgotten to ask her if fishing for big salmon was still an okay thing to do. I can’t give up everything I love can I!

As for the rest of the weekend, well it was go, go, go. Appointment and catching up old friends on Friday, shopping for some great bargains on Saturday – picked up some goodies which I plan on sharing with you tomorrow – and more shopping and family dinner on Sunday night. Please though, don’t ask me about my eating over the weekend, it wasn’t great and there wasn’t any exercise to help combat all that food. Needless to say I’m not really looking forward to weigh in tomorrow. But at the end of the day, I had such a great weekend surrounded by family and friends (and my sisters new 12 week old Bernese Mountain Dog who I have fallen madly in love with!) so for me, any gain is okay because it was a gain of love (that’s how I’m spinning it to myself. Do you think Michelle Bridges would agree? I don’t think so…)

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