Anything I would do?

Yesterday I met with my personal trainer for the first time.  Tammy.  She’s very… what’s the word…. Perky!  Yes she is very perky.  Don’t get me wrong, she’s lovely.  Skinny and very nice.  But maybe not quite pushy enough for me.  I think I might need someone a little pushier.  Of course this was just my first meeting with her, so I could be totally wrong in my assessment of her, she might be the Bitch from Hell.  Give me another couple of weeks and I will know.

So long as she can keep pushing me and making sure I get there and do my stuff, then that’s all good.  Oh and yeah, lets hope that she can organise a program for me (that doesn’t kill me….) that will get me into shape.  (I realise that round is a shape, but I’m going for more of the angular shapes now, maybe not square, but rectangular would be good..ish).

We went through the program that Nicole got me doing on Saturday, with the weights and stuff, and apparently that is all good for now.  I can keep going with that weight program for another week (again, if it doesn’t kill me first), and then next week Tammy is going to revise what I have been doing and maybe get a new program going for me.  My cardio work is okay, but I have to do a bit more on the bike, oh and the leg swingy thing from hell (aka – crosstrainer), has to be used more.  Apparently… and I say apparently because I’m protesting this, it’s a great machine to get a great workout on and I have to use it.

So really when I think about it, she’s already getting pushy.  This could actually be a good thing.

I had to answer questions yesterday, all sorts of “Do you have any injuries”? questions and then a few deep and meaningful ones – like – “Why are you doing this? What do you want to gain from personal training? (I had to physically stop myself from going “Duh, lose weight and be skinny dumbass”, but you’ll be proud to know that I didn’t say that, mumbled something, not quite sure what though….) and then the killer question for me was “Will losing weight and getting fit make you do anything that you currently stop yourself from doing”?

I honestly had no response.  There were no witty comebacks from me, no smart arsed comments.  Just a blank look.  So I had to sit and think about that.  Is there anything at the moment that I stop myself from doing, because of my looks and weight?  And you know what?  Nearly 24 hours later, I still can’t think of anything.  I pretty much do what I want to do when I want to do it.  Which amazes me, because I’ve always been a wimp, and really didn’t think I had the courage to do things, but apparently I do. Without realising it, I’ve been doing things that I really thought I would stop myself from doing.  Maybe the only thing that I will do will be to have the courage to tell a certain skinny girl (from now on affectionately [note: sarcasm] referred to as CSG) that I HATE the way she goes on and on and on about how she is getting fat.  Okay I pretty much do that now, but if I were skinny I could say it with a bit more force.  Mind you I’m still trying to think of things that I might do that I don’t do now.

Well again, I’m at work, I should be working (bleughh) so I’m going to go and do some.  Off to the gym again tonight – weight night tonight, which means pain day tomorrow.  Then off to drinks with Mr Supportive, Miss Mum and Mr Muscles (who’s jetsetting off to UK soon, and will be missed terribly).  Yes gym then drinks.  Does that sound as bad to you all as it does to me?  Almost like defeating the purpose.  Seriously going to have to look into the whole drinking thing.  And then the smoking thing.  Oh hell I’m getting a headache…….