Craft and quilting fair

Craft and quilting fair

First off – argghhhhhhhhhhhh writing has taken a huge downturn. Just not happening. The only thing I seem to be writing is ideas, lots of ideas, but very little in the way of actual story words. I shall, however, keep persevering.

Today though I went to the Adelaide craft and quilt fair with my older sister. It was just great. Heaven. The quilt show was fabulous, with some truly great quilts. It was interesting to see who won, and who were runners up. It made me realise how much it really must come down to personal choice, because there were a few that I would personally not have chosen to win. But wow, did it give me some inspiration or what.

We made our way around the all the stalls and there were some good fabric stalls, some really crap ones, with horrible fabric, that looked cheap and tacky. But, on the plus side, I managed to grab some great fabric, at pretty good prices. Sadly, no one had any Riley Blake fabric, which I was really keen on getting, so I’m guessing it will have to be an online order after all.

Selection of fabric

So the fabric I did get is just gorgeous, not at all what I was looking for but I just couldn’t resist it. I have absolutely NO idea what I’m going to do with it, because it’s not what I was looking for to make the quilt that I am designing out of. So I’m looking through my stash of Elizabeth Hartman patterns that I have bought/downloaded and am thinking one of those could be just the thing. But I’m also hanging out to get her book, so I might hang on to the fabric till I have my hot little hands on her book and make one of the patterns from there. It’s a conundrum.

Oh, finally got around to taking a photo of my mug rug. Pretty crap photo, but it gives you the general idea. I loved it when I first made it, but now I’m not so sure. Not a huge fan of it anymore. Gift it to someone maybe?

First mug rug

So excuse me now, I should probably go and write some more words. Try and get myself up to at least 5,000 words.

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