Facebook woes

So when does something that you might randomly put up on Facebook become fodder for people to gossip about, or to spread rumours about?

Don’t you hate it when people read something on your Facebook status and decide that because you put it up there, they are free to tell everyone about it?

So that happened to us today. A while ago I had put up something about us one day moving to Port Lincoln – which is a good six and half hour drive from where we are now. It’s nothing that is set in concrete and at the time, it was actually only put up as a joke. But one of my “friends” and I now use that term loosely, decided she would take it as the gospel truth, without even talking to me about it. Now she doesn’t know my partner, she knows about him from what I have told her, but she has never met him.

But her partner and Mick both work for the same company, at different stores. They do however have the same reps that come in to see them. One of them comes up to Mick today, and tells him that he hears we are moving to Port Lincoln. When are you moving? Have you told everyone yet?

OMG WTF? That was one rep who was asking Mick when we were moving. Which makes me wonder, how many other reps has she told, and how long until that rumour gets back to Mick’s boss, and how damaging is that going to be to his career? It just brings back to me, that yes Facebook can be fun, but damnit, Facebook can be bloody dangerous too. To put it mildly I am less than impressed with her, and her name did get hit with the delete button. I can’t afford for her to read something I say and tell the wrong person – especially when it’s not even the truth.

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