My horoscope for the day

Okay so this is my horoscope for today:

Monday, Aug 18th, 2008 — Your feelings are stretched like rubber bands and the slightest unintentional movement now can cause one to snap. Your relationships are likely the primary source of stress, especially if someone is making demands of you that are simply outside the scope of what you can do. Breathing deeply and allowing time for meditation or prayer can relieve some of the stress on this busy day.

And just how accurate is that today?  SO ACCURATE.  Let me recap on the last couple weeks (or rather months).  I mentioned earlier on that I had a date with Internet Guy as I was calling him.  Well he was a really nice guy and we got along well, but there just wasn’t a spark there, mainly because I kept comparing him to Mr Driller.  Obviously I wasn’t ready to move on from him.  Well I am still not really ready to move on from him, but I am also trying to get on with my life, I can’t keep waiting around for him to realise that he is deeply in love with me *cough cough* so I have been talking to a few guys online, and one in particular.

So last Thursday, me and Mr Plumber (guess what he does for a living) met.  And he’s a nice guy.  We kissed, it was nice.  Not earth shattering, but nice.  He is no Mr Driller.  And so we arranged to meet up on Sunday.  I’m determined to give it a shot this time.  Anyway, I got sick.  Have a nice case of the flu, so I didn’t go out to meet him yesterday.  But sat at home texting both him and Mr Driller.  Unfortunately I fell asleep from sheer exhaustion right in the middle of a text to Mr Plumber, so today I get a text telling me that if I don’t want to see him then I should just tell him.  And seriously, right now, I AM ready to snap from these guys.

On the one hand, I have Mr Driller who I so desperately want, but who only wants me when he feels like it (like yesterday), and on the other hand I have Mr Plumber, who apparently wants me real bad (though I can’t work out why) and who, if I am completely honest, I am only iffy about.  Why does this universe hate me so much that it does these things to me?  I really think I need to just have nothing to do with men from now on.  Join a convent.

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