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So today I finally sat down and wrote up my list of resolutions for this year. I had 10 resolutions and then I thought of one more, so I thought why not – it’s 2011, let’s have 11 resolutions and see if I can actually keep them up. Every year I vaguely think of things that I am resolved to do, but I never really write them down or even try to stick to them, but this year I thought why not. Then I thought of the things I would like to do – craft-wise, so I made a list of 11 crafty things to do/finish. So here we go – my Resolutions and To Do list for 2011.


  1. Tell Mick that I love him more often.
    It’s not that I never tell him, but I don’t tell him often enough. I think it many many times every day, just how much I love him and how I cannot imagine him not being in my life, but I never seem to tell him. I want to change that. I want him and everyone to know just how important he is to me.
  2. Learn to say no.
    I’m a yes person. Most of the time I like being a yes person. But occassionally, saying yes to people means that I’m putting off things that I would like/need to do for myself. But I don’t like to disappoint people, so I always end up saying yes, even though I know I’m not happy about it. So this year, I’m learning to say no and be fine and happy with that. It doesn’t mean I love my friends any less, it’s just that I want to put Mick, Snotface and myself first this year. 2011 is the year of ‘us’.
  3. Get back onto the 12wbt program.
    I fell off the wagon over the last couple of months. I was doing so well, and then it ended and I lost my own motivation, the wedding came and went, I had my pretty dress for it and I seemed to think it was okay to start eating crap again and not going to the gym. Well it’s not okay. I still have a lot of weight to lose (a lot), so I really need to go back and read over my pre-season tasks and remind myself of why I am doing this, what excuses I use and how I am going to curb my excuses. I have done it before, I know I can do it again. I would love to be at my goal weight by the end of this year, but no stress, so long as I am losing weight and not gaining, that’s the main thing.
  4. Go to the gym at least four times a week – all year.
    I’m paying for a membership I’m not using, such a waste. And truthfully, I do miss the gym. I miss that rush I get when I accomplish something new, the feeling of power I get when I do my weights. I really miss that feeling of fitness that I was getting, and which I have now lost. So, time to get my butt back into it.
  5. Spend less money on stupid things.
    I’m terrible at saving, I admit it. I also tend to spend money on stupid wasteful things. So this year, I’m going to watch what I spend, how I spend and stop myself from spending on stupid dumb things, like magazines I buy, maybe read, and then pile up before throwing them out.
  6. Not let my family walk all over me.
    2010 was a year of a lot of ups and downs for me with my family. In fact the last 34 years have been ups and downs with my family. And I always let it get to me, I go and see my family and I end up coming home in tears. I’m not going to allow them to do that to me this year. I have the right to be happy. I have the right not to be used. So from now on, if my family want to see me, then they can come and see me. I’m not going traipsing all over the countryside to see them, when they can’t even be bothered to come and visit me. If they don’t approve of the way I live my life? So what, maybe I don’t approve of their life. Not my business, not their business. It’s an even playing field this year people. Times are a’changing. (I do fear that this will be the hardest resolution for me to keep, because it’s so ingrained in me to try and please them, not matter how many times they hurt me. But I’m prepared to be strong and cut people from my life who are toxic this year – and this goes for friendships also, not just family. No more toxicity in my life!)
  7. Have fun and be more spontaneous.
    I’m not a very brave person. I don’t do things spontaneously. But this year I would really like to try to be a little more spontaneous and try new things. I would love to go hiking with Mick, and do more outdoorsy things, on the spur of the moment, not when they’ve been organised down to a minute detail. Gonna be a hard one also.
  8. Stress less over the stupid things. Chill out.
    Mick quite often jokes at how anal I can be. But it’s true. I can and quite often am very anal about things. I like to have everything organised down to a tea, and I stress if things aren’t going just so. I get cranky if Mick leaves the cloth lying in the kitchen sink, so it gets all smelly. This year – no stressing about stupid things like that. Instead I’ll just crack him over the head…….. Okay I’m joking I won’t. But it’s not really worth starting an argument over is it. So, less stressing and less being so anal about things (except the order of the CDs and DVDs – they must stay in order…)
  9. Keep the house more organised.
    Okay I know I just said I was going to stress less. But the house really needs to be de-cluttered and organised better so I know where things are. My kitchen is the only place in the house that is completely organised. I have coniptions if something is out of place in my kitchen, but with the rest of the house there is a whole ‘it’s too hard’ feeling happening. But this year is the year of de-cluttering and organisation. Starting with some new filing cabinets and the filing of paperwork, and gradually moving to the rest of the house. It might even mean the getting rid of some of my books *gasp* *horror*.
  10. Stop having road rage.
    Yes this will be a hard one for me. I struggle with stupidity on the roads. I think I’m a fairly safe driver, but small things really annoy the crap out of me, like people not using their indicators, and people just cutting in front of others, and when people just can’t be bothered to give a little wave when you let them in front of you…. So from now on it’s all Wooshka, peace and Enya on the iPod so I don’t get all hot and bothered when I’m driving around.
  11. Be a better friend.
    I feel as if I’ve been so caught up in all my own problems and dramas of the last few years that I’ve let friendships slip a little. So this year I’d like to work on being a better friend. Not sure what this one is going to entail yet, I’m still working on it.

Phew, long list for me. But all important things for me to be doing for 2011 and beyond. So onto my crafty to do list:

2011 to do list:

  1. Finish off my ‘Welcome’ lady cross stitch.
    I love the idea of cross stitch – but I don’t really have the patience for it. But this year I really would like to finish off the cross-stitch I started about 10 years ago and have done maybe 10% of. If that. Big project, not entirely sure it’s doable…
  2. Finish the scrappy quilt for our bed.
    2 years ago I started a scrappy quilt for our bed. I cut out 320 squares of patterened fabric, 320 squares of cotton wadding, 320 squares of wool wadding and about 100 squares of backing fabric. I have sewn up about 16 squares in total. So. Bloody. Slack. I thought it would be a great way to get into quilting, but it turns out it’s not really the sort of quilting that I like. But I’ve got these squares cut out now, so damnit I. Will. Finish. The. Quilt! And it will be finished in time for winter. Now, to get the rest of the backing squares cut out…
  3. Finsh rain or shine quilt.
    This won’t be hard, I love this pattern and it’s all cut up, just needs to be sewn up now. It’s a case of finding the time for it.
  4. Make a new quilt for baby G, who will be arriving in September (not our baby btw).
    This is still up in the air a little. Not sure if it’s a boy, girl or twins yet, but either way a quilt is in order.
  5. Make a caravaning quilt for Mum2 (Mick’s mum, as I call her).
    I’ve seen some gorgeous fabric (the Beach Mod Circa 60 fabric) which is going to be absolutely perfect for her as they go caravaning and camping every year for about 6 months, so a quilt for her birthday in May is in order methinks.
  6. Cut out a minimum of 365 hexies – one for each day of the year.
    I’m off to a good start cutting out 31 of them yesterday (there’s January’s lot lol). I want to get as many of them cut out as I can, but I won’t sew them together until I have enough for a quilt, so that I can put them in some sort of order, rather than just a random pattern.
  7. ‘Make it’, Stitch me Rabbit.
    I bought this pattern a few months ago now and it’s still sitting at home waiting to be cut into and made up. I just love the wrongness of this rabbit, so I can’t wait to have it sitting on my bed all finished.
  8. Finish the quilt I designed.
    Yes it’s true. This pattern that I designed back in October still hasn’t been completed. In fact I haven’t even completed the test one that I was making to see how it all went together. So rather than making the test one, I’m just going bite the bullet, get some fabric and hope for the best. But I just need to make it. (Maybe I should combine this to do list item, with item 5?).
  9. Read all the books on the Facebook Booklist Challenge.
    So I, with a friend, took the quiz to see how many books we had read. Turns out I’ve read about 29 of them. So I randomly said, ‘wouldn’t it be a great idea to make it a challenge to read them all in 2011?’ Famous last words. So I sucked myself into it, so that’s what I need to do. I have most of the books now in one form or another (mostly ebooks – time for an ebook reader maybe?) it’s just a case of reading them now. I’m not looking forward to War and Peace or Anna Karenina, but there you have it. I’m not including the 29 of them that I have already read, but if I have time then they will be added to the list also.
  10. 13 Scrapbooking pages – one per month, plus a full year page.
    I would really like to create a visual diary of sorts of the year, with one page dedicated to a month, and one page dedicated to highlights of the year. I’m pretty slack with scrapbooking, I have lots of gear, but never seem to do much with it, but it’s time to pull the gear out and start cutting up those photos.
  11. Finish Wintermeadow and plan the sequel.
    So I haven’t touched Wintermeadow (previously titled ‘The Adventures of Snotface, Boogerbum and Soggy Scab’) since NaNoWriMo ended in November. While I got to my 50,000 word count, I never actually wrote the ending of it. So this year is all about finishing Wintermeadow off, editing it and getting a couple of copies printed up. And because I had such a (stressful) ball doing NaNoWriMo last year, I really want to do it again, and do a sequel to Wintermeadow, because quite frankly, I fell in love with the characters and story and want to go back there.

Phew. I have to say, I’m tired just reading my resolutions and my To Do list. I’m also starting to wonder exactly where I’m going to find the time to do all of this stuff, in between working and going to the gym. Hmmm I think there will definitely need to be a bit more planning happening to get all of this off the ground.

So, what resolutions have you all made for 2011 if any? And what does your To Do list look like for the year? Any thoughts on how I can get all of this scheduled in and finished in only 360 days now? *eek*

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