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A couple of weeks ago I was watching the morning news when they had an interview with a lady called Ruth Field who had written a book called Run Fat B!tch Run. It was only a very brief interview and they didn’t really ask her any questions of great importance, in fact it was a pretty crap interview, but what really stuck with me was the title of the book. It sounded just like the book for me, something that would speak to me in no nonsense terms and tell me what to do. Even if it is in a very straightforward way.

So I jumped online, went to Book Depository (quite possibly the best ever bookshop in the world, free delivery people, free delivery!) and ordered it.

Guess what! It came today. I’ve only had a chance to have a quick look at the first few pages, but already, I think this might be the book for me. In particular, before you even get to the introduction, you get a pledge to sign, and boy do I love the straight talking in The Pledge.

On a side note, I did also order online late last week Michelle Bridges new The no excuses cookbook and it also arrived today, so it’s been a great day of bookish goodness for me. The recipes in this cookbook look divine and I can’t wait to read this one also and start making the recipes. Having had a quick flick through I’ve already picked my first breakfast that I’m going to make, just looks awesomely delicious and yummy – Sweet couscous with orange juice and dried fruit.

Now my big dilemma is which one do I read first, and when do I read them in between exercising, cooking and blogging? Help I need more hours in my day.

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