Go geek girls

Sharon as Ursula Andress

I was reading an artical on Ninemsn about a group of femal IT Professionals who have banded together to produce a calendar of themselves dressed as old and new movie godesses.  The reason these IT Goddesses are doing this is to raise awareness of females in the IT industry.

As a lecturer at college who teaches multimedia, can I just say that I think this is a fantastic idea.  I have 2 dedicated multimedia classes and the majority of the people in these classes are males.  So I think that anything that can raise the awareness of having kickass females in the IT/Multimedia industry is a great thing.  We need more females in the industry.

On a personal note now – I just got acrylic nails put on and jesus I am having a hard time typing.  I think I might need to get them taken off or at the very least shortened – I cannot keep typing with these things, they drive me nuts.