On a roll now

Well I really don’t have a lot of time to post tonight. I’m finally on a roll with the writing. The ideas just seem to be coming out finally, in a relatively coherent way and the story is really starting to take shape. I’m very happy with what I’ve done so far and really want to keep writing all night and just get it finished. But that’s obviously not possible – damn me not being rich and able to stay at home and not have to work *sigh*.

So I shall leave you tonight, with another little excerpt of what I have been writing:

“Or so I thought, because at that very moment you gave a teeny tiny little sneeze. It was the smallest, most delicate sound I had ever heard.”

“I remember jumping back in alarm, oh indeed I was very truly positively startled. The basket of pillows was sneezing! How was this possible? I leaned down to peer closer at the basket, and moved what turned out to be very fluffy blankets, rather than pillows – in fact the very blankets that are still on your bed” Soggy Scab said, as he watched Snotface slowly stroking the blankets lovingly.

As I moved the masses of blankets away, it became quite apparent that there was something alive in this basket. I could see something wriggling and moving around, every now and then giving a slight sneeze. And then lo and behold I uncovered you.

I have never been more startled in my life! There you were, a little bundle all wrapped in blankets, and all I could see of you were these big bright blue eyes staring up at me.

Until tomorrow, when hopefully I might have more to share with you.

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