Kitchen window quilt

Finally I have managed to spend a crapload of time working on some of my quilting projects that I’ve had on the go for a while now. I admit that I pretty much put everything else on the backburner to get this quilt finished, but I just couldn’t stand seeing it lying around any longer. I got some design work knocked off yesterday, so today I was determined to concentrate on getting the binding sewn on. That was all it needed to be finished off. But hand sewing for me, is one very long tedious and slow task. Not to mention painful. I sat down, put on the Time Travellers Wife and was still sewing it on when the movie finished. By this time, my wrist was crying out in pain but I was so close to it being finished, that I kept going. I know that I’m going to pay for that tomorrow. But take a look at the quilty goodness that I now have – for me, that’s going to make the pain worthwhile…

The front of the "KItchen window" quilt
The back of the "Kitchen window" quilt
The needle is now blunt after I stabbed it into my fingers only about - oh 500 times or so.

So I admit (for 12WBT followers) I ignored all exercise this weekend. I ate well (except for dinner last night, but shhhh….) but I did nothing else except work and quilt. And I have to admit, I feel better for it. I feel re-energised and re-focused on getting back into the swing of things tomorrow morning with a shuffle and getting back on the JFDI thought process.

Now, to work out which quilt I’m going to finish next. The “New Beginnings” challenge quilt (which I need to post to USA on 12th March), the “Rain or Shine” quilt, the “Blissful baby” quilt or the scrappy quilt for our bed. Hmm I suppose seeing as how I have to send the new beginnings quilt in about 2 weeks time, I should probably get started on (and finish) that one.

So excuse me now. I’m off to turn the air conditioner down to about 15 so I can go and snuggle under my quilt. Just cos I can.

Lessons learned

Today’s daily food intake…

I feel so tired and zonked tonight, but I really have no reason to be. I was all geared up for swimming tonight, which was going to be followed by an aquaerobics class at the same place with Miss A. I left work, bag all packed and ready, rocked up to the pool to be faced with a sign saying that the pool was “unfortunately closed today due to unforseen circumstances and will re-open at 7am on Wednesday”. I was crestfallen and gobsmacked all at the same time. Then the loss set in. I didn’t know what to do. Should I go home and do a dvd or should I go for a walk? What, what, what do I do?

So I thought I’d go down to the K-Mart and buy Michelle Bridges Seek & Destroy Cardio Kicker dvd. After walking around the shop and the dvd section in particular for nearly half an hour I finally found a sales assistant who kindly informed me that, “No sorry, we don’t sell exercise dvd’s here”. WTF??? What kind of shopping centre is this? Sometimes I hate Port Lincoln, seriously. (Not really, I love it here, I just hate the lack of shopping facilities).

Fine I thought, I have the Michelle Bridges Super Shredder Circuit dvd at home, I’ve never done it so that will be something different from Zumba. I got home, got changed, got Hettie working and started. I made it all the way through the warm up to the point where Michelle goes over the different exercises in the circuit. I seriously nearly cried at this point. It was full of push-ups and dips, all the things I physically cannot do with my wrist. So I stopped the dvd and put on some old Jillian Michaels thing I have that someone gave me. Doesn’t have a title or anything but it was killer. I lasted a whole 10 minutes before I just caved in and gave up.

I felt weak, I felt stupid and I felt like a big fat failure. I don’t know what happened to me, but I just completely lost the plot when my routine was all stuffed up. So I’ve made a decision in regards to doing pre-season task #7 – diarise our workouts. Of course I’m going to do this, but at the same time I’m going to list myself alternatives in case this happens again. I need to have stand-by options, this was made perfectly clear to me tonight.

The only real up-side to the evening? We had Michelle Bridges Moussaka for dinner and it was simply divine! Super delicious.

Struggling with exercise

Today’s daily food intake…

I set my alarm for 6.30am again today, knowing that Friday nights are always busy at our place because it’s food shopping night and then have to cook dinner and then I’m just knackered, so there is never any exercise happening on Fridays. So I did the right thing last night, and set the alarm so I could get up early and do my exercise first thing.

Did that happen? No. At 5.30am something woke me up (probably the damn cat again, I love Maximus, but he drives me insane), and I struggled to get back to sleep. So when the alarm went off the only thing I could think was Hell no! I rolled over, turned it off, and went back to sleep.

And I’ve been feeling guilty about it all day long. I’m just so tired lately I don’t know what’s going on with me. This week I have struggled so much with exercising, and when I have done it, it’s been half arsed and I haven’t put my all into it like I should have and the guilt is pissing me off as much as the general tiredness is. I just want to cry.

I feel okay with my food, I still need to reign in a bit on my portion sizes, but my exercise is just crap! Crap. Crap. Crap. And I don’t know how to get myself moving and motivated so that I can meet my goals. (19.6kg gone in 13 weeks – not going to happen at this rate with my crapola exercising). So tonight I think I’m going to have a really nice early one, and hopefully I will feel all refreshed ready to do some exercise tomorrow morning and then play softball in the afternoon. I hope.

12wbt day sixty five – Devastation

I was going so well with the 12wbt program, but last week was definitely a slip up.
I knew that today’s weigh in wasn’t going to be great, I expected a little weight gain, but I gained a whole kilo. I really hadn’t thought I’d done quite THAT badly, but apparently I had. So there was major disappointment to myself this morning when I looked at the scales and saw that the number had jumped right up. But there is nothing I can do about the week that has passed, so I can only look to the week ahead now and make sure that I pull my head back in, and focus again.

To that end, I really need to start keeping a track of my daily calories and food plan, which I haven’t really kept up the last couple of weeks. Also have been very disorganised in general, so need to sit down and work up a proper menu plan once again and do a big food shop. That will have to be tonight I think. Though I don’t quite know how I can fit both the gym and food shopping in arghhhhh. Perhaps I might do the food shopping, then come home and do Zumba. Seriously people I need more time in my life.

I shall advise of the outcome tonight…. Till then, happy weigh in everyone, and I hope you all do a hell of a lot better than I did. Silly Tina :/

12WBT day twenty nine – Slowly back on track

Not a lot to report from today, I’m still home from work sick with a flu. However, I’m happy to report, that while I haven’t done any exercise (which I really am putting down to the fact that it’s hard to get any air into my lungs due to the cold) I have been eating a lot healthier again today. I’m not sure if that’s because I’m sick and just not really hungry or because I’m finally getting back on track. I like to think it’s because I’m getting back on track. Tomorrow it’s back to work for me, and I find that it’s a lot easier for me to eat properly when I’m at work. Maybe because I have something to do all day. I am also really hoping that I can start getting back into exercising again tomorrow, even if it’s only a bit of light exercise. Getting nervous about seeing my results for weigh in tomorrow though – not really expecting a good result. 🙁 but it’s my own fault.

FoodCalories in
B2 crumpets with 2 slices crafty light and tasty302
LRed Thai chicken soup & leftover risotto335
S1 large orange89
DHoisin beef stir-fry with spring vegetables300

ExerciseCalories out

No exercise0
Calories surplus/defecit-785