12wbt weigh in time again

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this yet, but I have signed up again for 12 Week Body Transformation program. I was so happy with my results last time around, and really slipped off the wagon when it finished – totally my own fault, no one else to blame buy myself – so I thought it’s time to get my butt back into gear and shift some more weight.

My aim over the next 14 weeks (because we’re already 2 weeks into pre-season) is to lose 20kg. I know that’s a huge number, and it may be a little hard for me to get to, but by god I’m going to give it a bash and get as much weight off me as I can. I also really really want to work on increasing my fitness over the next 14 weeks, and hopefully up the weights that I was doing last time.

So to that end, today I did weigh in. Last week when I weighed in, I was appalled to see the scales rise up to 105.8kg. How had I let myself go so badly? This morning when I weighed in I was only 104.1kg. I’m really not sure how that happened, because I had a pretty bad eating week, but maybe slogging through the sand for two hours when we got bogged on the weekend was good exercise that helped work off all that food? Personally I think it was just screwy weigh-ins. But I’m taking my 104.1kg and rolling with it and hoping to get down to 102.5kg by next week. God knows I’m big enough that I should be able to lose the bigger numbers.

Cross fingers for me everyone, and if you feel like it, just leave me a message telling me to GET OFF MY BUTT AND GO TO GYM.

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