2012 Resolutions

So as I do every year, I have sat down and come up with my list of resolutions. It is not a great long list this year, because I didn’t do so well on last years list, so let’s first re-cap on the 2011 list:

  • Tell Mick that I love him more often.
    Check. This one was an easy one. I tell him every day and more than once. It’s hard not to tell him to be honest.
  • Learn to say no.
    Well this one only kinda happened. I definitely said “NO” a lot more often this year, than I ever had, but there were definitely still times when I just felt like I couldn’t say it, so I didn’t, then regretted it later on. So we’re moving this one to the 2012 list, as a work in progress.
  • Get back onto the 12wbt program.
    This one was a fizzle. I did join, back in February this year, and I lasted about a week and then I just collapsed in a heap of emotions and it was just “too hard” so I ignored it – and wasted some good money in the process. Stupid. However, I have re-joined this year for Round 1, and I’m already doing pre-season, pre-season training. I’m feeling much more positive about it this time around. Also going to the 2012 list.
  • Go to the gym at least four times a week – all year.
    Ha-ha *thump* sorry fell of my chair laughing at that one. This one was a HUGE fizzle and I will not be putting this one back onto the list. There are very limited gyms to join here in Port Lincoln, so I’ve decided to save my money and to do my fitness and exercise routines at home, in the park or at the beach.
  • Spend less money on stupid things.
    Yep, this one has come along nicely. I still sometimes waste my money a little, but I certainly learnt the value of money when I had no income for three months when we moved to Port Lincoln. Amazing how living on one wage makes you evaluate exactly what you spend money on.
  • Not let my family walk all over me.
    Alas, this one is still a work in progress. I think this will always be a work in progress for me, though things have definitely changed since I moved so far away from them all. And for the better.
  • Have fun and be more spontaneous.
    I think I’m doing well with this one. The whole moving away thing was a very spontaneous decision on our part. We got the job offer and about 6 weeks later, we’d moved. For me, you don’t get much more spontaneous than that. When I did move over here I joined a softball team – my first ever venture into team sports – and I definitely class that as fun and spontaneous. So I would mark this one as achieved. But also something to keep working on. Next on my list is to go swimming with the sharks.
  • Stress less over the stupid things. Chill out.
    Nope, not accomplished. I still stress, not always over the little things, but often over them. Back on the list for 2012.
  • Keep the house more organised.
    Yes, I can definitely mark this one as achieved. Having three months off work when we moved really helped that one along. I got rid of a lot of old “stuff” and clutter. The whole house in general is much more organised, now I just need to get myself all organised.
  • Stop having road rage.
    Yes we have a winner. Mind you, this was a really hard one to do. But I kept reminding myself every time I got in the car to be more calm and eventually it worked. Moving to Port Lincoln, where there is hardly any traffic anyway also helped this one along a little.
  • Be a better friend.
    I think this one was definitely achieved. I saw a lot more of my friends this year, kept in touch with everyone a little more and tried to remember everyone’s birthdays – I failed on some cos I’m slack. I don’t think that this is something any of us should ever take for granted though

So that was last years list. This year I think I’m going to tone it down and make it just a sweet little list of 5 items:

2012 resolution list

  • Learn to say no.
    I really need to do that more often. I have got to stop being such a pushover and letting people walk all over me. It’s not that I don’t want to help people, or do things for others, but I need to put myself and my family first. If someone else’s plans don’t fit in with that then they need to look elsewhere.
  • Get back on the 12WBT program – and stick to it.
    So last year, that was one of my resolutions. And I did get back onto it. Lasted a week and dropped off. This year, I’m getting back onto it and I’m going to stick with it. I need to get off the up and down yo-yo and onto the down all the way escalator. So for me, I think a full year of the 12WBT program is in order.
  • Exercise more.
    This shouldn’t be too hard, because at the moment I’m not really even exercising. So even one day a week should be more than what I’m doing now. But I’d really like to exercise at least 4 times a week.
  • Stress less about the little things.
    I keep trying with this one, I really do. So I need to keep trying. I stress way too much over stupid crap that doesn’t need to be stressed over. Leave the stressing to the really big stuff.
  • Swim with the sharks.
    God yes, I would so love to do this. Luckily for me there are daily adventure tours from Port Lincoln so I can do it. I think this one will be left to later in the year – it’s very expensive – plus I’d like to have lost some weight before I go down there, so I can fit into the scuba gear…
  • And okay, I lied, instead of 5 little things on the list, I’m upping it to 6 – last but not least:

  • Blog more.
    I used to be such a prolific blogger. I loved it. I loved the writing, and I loved getting comments and seeing what people had to say. Somewhere along the way it started becoming more of a chore than a love. I’d really love to get that blog love back, and do some good writing.

So there we have it. My list of resolutions for 2012. Let’s see how many of these I can cross off in 12 months time…

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