A little pain never hurt anyone

I actually think that the above statement is false!  Because I’m in pain and I’m hurting.  Have been to the gym religiously this week – went twice yesterday and have been following my lovely (ugh) healthy (read: no chocolate) eating plan.  Driving me nuts.  I keep thinking I’m hungry even though I know I’m not hungry, because in reality I’m eating more than I normally would.  It’s just all good stuff.

But back onto my pain.  I have Miss Perky as my Slimplicity coach as well as my Personal Training.  And she has given me some very vigorous workouts to do and I have been doing them along with the Personal Training sessions and can I just say that my arms are just about dying and feel like they are going to fall off any second now.

On the plus side – I have muscles!  Okay they are only little at the moment, but hey it’s the first time in like forever that I can remember having any muscle definition.  It’s nice.  It also helps to explain some of my weight gain.  (The rest I can put down to the chocolate I was eating with Miss Mum….)

I did my first Slimplicity session the other day with all my weighing in and measurements being done.  Working on getting another section of the blog up now where I will post it all, as well as my HORRIBLE fat photos.  (I’ve been told it’s actually good to take before and after photos – I somehow don’t think I ever want to remember my fat photos, but I’ll do it anyway).  So stay tuned.

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  • Miss mum

    September 20, 2006 at 4:21 pm

    I would just like to say that I’m willing to take all the blame for making you eat chocolate…. However you brought the Hungry Jacks on yourself. LOL

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