All the mundane things

Okay so it’s Monday again and the week started off a beauty with me sleeping in.  Then I had to rush to get ready for work and if there is one thing that I hate doing is rushing first thing in the morning.  I like to be able to take my time, eat a nice leisurely breakfast without having to scoff it down.  But this morning didn’t really start like that.  And while that would normally send me into a panic of gloom and doom about the rest of the week I am going to keep a great positive outlook and MAKE this a fantastic week – of weightloss, gym going and general life stuff.  So on that note I sat down this morning and worked out my gym timetable.  I have given myself plenty to do, so that I’m going to be stuffed and not tempted to go down the pub and drink until 2am and consequently get only 4 hours sleep.  I can’t do that again this week.  But I will go down on the weekend to catch up with people again 🙂

Had a really nice quiet weekend this week, which after the last few hectic weekends was really nice.  Just kinda sat at home and mooched.  If I wasn’t there I was mooching at Miss Mum’s with ‘lil Munchkin.  I did a LOT of mooching!!!!!  Went to the gym on Friday afternoon though and Saturday  morning so I didn’t skip out on the gym which was good, because I was so tempted to.  I got myself a nice black and blue finger for my efforts though, which I’m not really impressed about.  I just wish that when people did boxing, they concentrated on the dot that is on their sparring partners gloves.  It’s a big dot, not that hard to miss, and certainly nowhere near the top of my fingers (hence my finger – complete with acrylic nail getting pulled back).  So now I have a little band around my severly swollen finger.  Did you all know that it’s quite difficult to grab a weight when you can’t wrap your hand around it properly?  Well I didn’t either until Saturday.  Never mind though, it will go away soon enough.

I did have an exciting Friday night however.  Went to the pub and won a nice Sunbeam espresso machine which made me kinda chuffed.  Also won a bottle of Vodka.  But that didn’t make me AS happy because all I wanted to do was drink it and you will all be proud to know that I didn’t touch a DROP of alcohol all weekend.  Well even if you aren’t proud I am.  And then I sat there perving on some guy in the pub.  Seen him once or twice, but I have no idea who he is, but he is lovely.  Got busted a few times by him while I was perving on him, but oh well.  If I had more guts, or confidence in myself (of which I have none to really speak of) I would have gone up to him, but no no I let it all slip away and now he’s gone. *sigh* maybe if I see him again I will actually go up and talk to him…….  But then again.

Okay well enough of my boring ramblings today.  Shall post tomorrow and fill you all in on how I did with weigh in tonight – and again, not looking forward to that……

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