Blogger Challenge Week 3: Rewards

Weigh in day

Previous weight: 102.5kg.
Today’s weight: 100.7kg.
1.8kg loss

Welcome to my post for week 3 of the blogging challenge. Tonight I will be answering the following questions:
How will you acknowledge and reward yourself during Round 1, 2012 of the 12WBT? What are the small wins? What are your big accomplishments? How will you achieve these and how will you reward your efforts?

My rewards seem to change all the time, depending on what I happen to really want at the time, but generally they’re pretty much the same and they are as follows:

  • 10kg lost (100kg)

    Hawaii 5.0 box set. I’d kill for that, and this gives me incentive to get it. And as of today, I only have 700gm to lose before I hit that magic mark and can go and get me some Alex O’Loughlin to watch. Mmmm.

  • 20kg lost (90kg)

    Weekend away, not camping, but a hotel. I love camping, don’t get me wrong, but it’s been such a long, long time since I’ve actually been away somewhere and stayed in a hotel that I really want to do to this. And Mick will take me and he will be glad to do it!

  • 30kg lost (80kg)
    A splurge of quilting material. Admittedly I buy material all the time, but when I say splurge, I mean splurge. Think in the terms of “OMG I’m well and truly broke and can’t pay the rent this week” splurge.
  • 40kg lost (70kg)
    Shark cage diving. I was going to make this my goal weight reward, but I like my ultimate reward more. This is what I’m looking forward to the most. And the super wonderful fantastic people at Adventure Bay Charters kindly offered to give me a free trip out there to do it when I hit 70kg. Only 30.7kg to go. Might take me a while, but I’ll get there! Seriously cannot wait. *excited much* In fact, would it be wrong to go out there just to peek at what I’m planning on doing? Do I really have to wait until I’ve lost 30 more kilos?
  • 45kg lost (65kg)
    A complete new wardrobe and makeover and a trip to Fiji with Mick. The trip might not happen as soon as I hit goal weight, but I’ll get that trip over there (if the sharks haven’t killed me after my shark cage diving…) And as much as I can’t wait to do this as well, I’m still kinda looking forward to shark cage diving even more!

I’m still contemplating working on a list of rewards for fitness. Like being able to run 1km straight and being able to swim 2km and then 3km. But I haven’t worked out what kind of things to reward myself with for those things yet. Possibly a treadmill would be on the list – but for what exactly I don’t know?

On other news, today was week 4 weigh in for 12WBT, which means fitness test and measurements. The whole fitness test hasn’t been done yet, but voila – measurements are here. I’m confused how I put a centimetre on over the bust, but well, I won’t complain about gaining bustage, rather than losing it!

Date Weight Chest Waist Hips Thighs Arms Total lost
          Left Right Left Right  
02/01/2012 110.0kg 109cm 110cm 133cm 72cm 73cm 45cm 47cm
13/02/2012 104.7 104.5cm 106cm 129cm 71cm 70.5cm 43.5cm 46.5cm 18.5cm
07/03/2012 100.7 105cm 100cm 126.5 68.5cm 69cm 43cm 43.5cm 16.5cm (34.5cm)

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  • Marnie

    March 9, 2012 at 4:34 pm

    What an awesome list of rewards you have for yourself! (and you’re so close to your first goal! WOOOT!)

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