Can someone please explain my body to me

Not that I’m about to complain about this, but could someone please explain to me how weight loss works?

I will be the first to admit that for the last month or so I have been very slack.  I have only been going to the gym once a week, and that’s only because I have PT sessions on those days, otherwise I’m sure I would have talked myself out of going at all.  I haven’t really been eating properly, I’m okay with breakfast and lunches, but dinner time has been whatever goes.  And then there is my weekend alcohol jaunts.  I drink (to put it plainly) shitloads!

So can someone please explain to me how I managed to lose 600gm this week?  I seriously don’t get it.  But it’s fantastic, don’t get me wrong.  In more ways than me just losing weight.  It’s given me that little boost of motivation again.  To get my arse back to the gym.  And just in time for Xmas too.  I realise that my eating and drinking over the next couple of weeks is going to be even worse than normal, so I’m trying to really conciously watch what I put into my mouth.

So my gym plan for the rest of this week is:
Friday – Gym in the afternoon for an hour.
Saturday – Three classes in the morning (Body Pump, Body Combat and Body Balance)
Sunday – An hour in the morning
Monday – An hour in the morning and then back in the afternoon for an hour and weigh in.

Added to that is the “Twelve days of Christmas” competition that Fernwood is running.  I’m not actually sure what the competition is to win, it’s more a motivation thing for me.  You have 12 things that you need to get ticked off to be able to enter, and they are things like burning 100 calories on the Crosstrainer (and we all know that I think that machine is just pure pure evil, so for me that’s going to be hardest) down to really simple things like just telling the staff what your favourite xmas treat is.

Apparently you are supposed to be able to do more than one thing on one day, but Miss Perky has told me that I’m only allowed to do one a day.  I think thats supposed to be to get me back to the gym more.  Sneaky she is.  Damn sneaky.

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  • Marshmallow

    December 14, 2006 at 9:02 pm

    The body is funny like that. Sometimes you do piss all and then you lose weight, but when you work really hard, you gain! This post by Amanda broke my heart since she’d put so much work into weight loss and all of the numbers that mattered went in the wrong direction. How can someone who put so much effort into her exercise and eating end up with the weight going up and the fat percentage going up?

    The body is a strange beast.

    Anyway, I believe you have joined the Push and Be Pushed discussion group? I *think* saw your name there, so if its you, join in the discussion – if not, join us! 😀

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