Great night of writing

I have been writing up a storm tonight and my wrist is absolutely killing me, not to mention my fingers who have certainly gotten a workout tonight. Have gotten some great writing done tonight, and am really happy with where the story is going and YAY me, I have finally reached 25,000 words. That means I’m halfway there, with ummm less than half the month to finish lol.

So tonight, in honour of a good night of writing (and because I’m too slack to write a long blog) I leave you with an excerpt of the story.

There in front of them was the castle. It rose from the ground, an icy blue glass structure. It was surrounded by a moat, that somehow didn’t seem to be affected by the cold, and flowed freely without any ice affecting it. Beyond the moat was a wall as thick as Soggy Scab was tall, and entirely made of crystal. Soggy Scab wondered how that could keep anything out should they be attacked.

As if hearing his thoughts, Max spoke out. “Don’t let the fact that it is a crystal castle fool you. You may think that this would be easy to attack, but the castle and castle walls are protected by forceful spells, that it would take a dozen sorcerers a hundred years to try and break. No one gets into the castle grounds if we don’t want them in there.”

The castle itself really was like one of the castles from the fairytales that Soggy Scab had read to Snotface when she was little. It had a square base, with clear windows, which stood out against the icy blue of the walls. Where moss may have grown up the sides, this one had icicles that hung down the sides, sharp spheres that would impale someone should they fall off. At the very forefront of the castle was a tower that rose up and up into the air, topped with a peaked roof which was covered completely in snow. Behind the main tower were four turrets that rose up, almost as tall as the tower did. The top of each turret was a wall of windows, and hanging out of the windows were flags with emblems emblazoned all over them. On some were deers, standing tall and proud, but on others was a black and white cat, sitting there looking regally out across the country. Soggy Scab wondered about the emblems, and made a note to ask Max about them later on.

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