Holiday time

The time has come.  Students have gone on their term break, and so have I!  Bring on the gym!!!!!  I sat down the other day at work and I made myself a little gym plan for the next week and I think I may have overdone it because by last counts I’m spending nearly 3 hours a day at the gym.  Let’s be honest – I don’t like the gym that freakin much.  Might have to revise it and cut back just a tad….

On other news started a new diet blog, all about my terrible terrible eating habits (which are getting better thankyouverymuch), but mostly as a bit of a record to myself what I’m eating and how my weight (which is really really bad – go take a look) is going blah blah.

So if I don’t post much over the next couple of weeks, it’s because I’m probably at the gym not sitting in front of my computer.  If I stop posting all together its because I’m in hospital having pulled something or strained something else or just put myself into a gym induced coma.  Time will tell.  (And if anything happens, Miss Mum will post here for me – I say as she sits here reading this over my shoulder – hope that’s okay 🙂 )

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