I need a tree

First off I would just like to say thank you very much to both Marshmallow, Chris and Linda for their kind words yesterday. When I woke up this morning and saw your comments you put a smile on my face and Marshy your Hugs just brought a warm feeling to me. When you think everything in your life is getting low, and you can feel yourself falling into the deep black hole that you thought you had crawled out of for good, just a simple hug can make everything a little brighter. So thank you once again.

I would like to say that things are looking up and that it’s on the mend, but they aren’t. I posted the other week about Facebook and the damage that it can do sometimes, and once again, Facebook has been the cause of my current woes. Mick had written something to my stepfather, after he had put quite insulting statements up on his status, and now my stepfather has gone and completely twisted the story around to my mother, who now believes we were being purposely nasty and insulting – which neither of us were. So now, my mum, who I’m really really close to, will have nothing to do with either Mick or I. All because of a Facebook lie.

I should probably point out that I have never had a very good relationship with my stepfather, and I had always dreaded the day that he decided to create a Facebook account. But when he did, to keep the peace with everyone I befriended him. My biggest mistake. I should have stuck to my guns and said no, I won’t befriend family on Facebook. But I did, and now I’m paying the price – a very unfair price to be sure.

I think the thing that is hurting me the most at the moment is that my mum won’t actually listen to me at all. So sure is she that we are in the wrong. It’s like she has just abandoned me all over again. As if leaving me when I was five wasn’t enough, now she’s doing it all over again, but over complete and utter stupidity.

And an even weaker part of this story? My christmas tree was being stored at my mums house, along with all the decorations. And now it is being held to ransom. All I have to do is unblock and befriend my stepfather again, make a public apology (for nothing) and make sure I never delete him again so that he can “monitor” what I say. I seriously feel as if I am in a children’s story, so stupid is this whole situation.

So wish me luck that I can find a new tree this week. I need one apparently 🙂

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  • Pat

    November 29, 2010 at 12:18 am

    Thank you for sharing your story about Facebook. I don’t belong but have considered joining since so many have. Your story confirms that it may not be a good idea.

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